Extraterrestrial aliens in congress

this will cause a different kind of racism…

I guess it doesn’t matter as long as ET doesn’t cross the border…

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Is this what you meant, @zantax ?

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was informed in the course of my official duties of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program to which I was denied access,” he said.

:joy:. Amazing. Extrapolate people. Discern!!!

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Exactly :upside_down_face:

He was told there was a uap recover and reverse engineering program to which he was denied access. Therefore



Everyone wants it to be aliens. Hell, I want it to be aliens. lol

However, it’s us. Boring ol’ us. :neutral_face:


Me too. Sad face.

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At least it would finally be actual racism and not just people of the same race giving each other crap over their melanin content. :rofl:


I watched the whole thing and it was just 3 dudes saying they were told something or saw something but don’t actually have access to whatever program is necessary to actually know something

There are definitely “Aliens” in our universe but we will never meet them… so effectively they might as well not be there at all.

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What I meant about what?

wonder what all this is supposed to distract from?


Old news. We all know Megatron is housed in The Hoover Dam as we reverse engineer advanced tech.


We should know shortly, Grusch gave names. locations and program names in private to members of congress, if he’s lying it should be fairly easy for congress to find out he is and tell us so.

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He doesn’t have to be lying. The program location and names could all exist. Except of course they don’t necessarily have to be what he thinks they are ……

Doesn’t seem to be worth much as a distraction, it’s largely been met with a collective shrug and disbelief by the general population.

You referenced a congressional hearing.

Lying or not, should be fairly simple to corroborate or disprove what he is saying. Of course it’s entirely possible he was deliberately lied to, that would also be concerning.

He may not be lying. He testified about thing he heard… he may very well have heard those things. It doesn’t make them true.

I’ve worked in classified government spaces before… usually the rumors about some of those programs are more exciting than the actual programs themselves.

Oh that yes, I was wondering why my earlier thread on the subject was moved to tin foil hat category when
we now have members openly pretty much saying in congress the same things I said in that thread.

Yes there are many possibilities. Thats the issue that remains - that his whistleblowing didn’t actually do anything other than imply the possibilities.