Explosive revelations from Sidney Powell: Release the kraken!

Sidney Powell has explosive charges about the size and nature of the growing election-fraud scandal:

. . . it’s been organized and conducted with the help of Silicon Valley people, the big tech companies, the social media and even the media companies. And, I’m going to release the Kraken!

Here is the full video of the interview. Other key points include:

:35 Foreign interference: Dominion designed to facilitate election fraud. Venezuela and Cuba funded development. China is involved as well.

1:35 Corruption of US officials: Governors and secretaries of state used Dominion to change election results and benefited financially.

2:45 “President Trump won this election in a landslide, it is going to be irrefutable . . .”

President Trump issued an executive order in 2018 that allows seizure of assets associated with foreign interference of elections.

Are assets of US companies and political officials who colluded with the fraud campaign at risk of seizure?

Are the walls finally closing in a massive campaign of election fraud coming from foreign governments and their US allies?

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Why didn’t the Dems win control of the Senate and increase their majority in the House of Reps under these alleged frauds?


Sidney Powell has cemented herself in the pantheon of right wing grifters.

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Keep the faith alive.


I’m going to have to invest some money into popcorn company stocks for the next couple of months.

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I am still waiting the announcement that Pete Buttigieg is pregnant as I was told on this site that it would be more likely to happen than Biden winning.


States have primary responsibility for elections in the US. The fraud appears to be targeted at a few swing states that decided the presidential election.

Not every state voting system has the same level of corruption, but the US could be well on the way of becoming another Venezuela if we cannot assure free and fair elections.

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If Georgia is one of those states where there was fraud, Dems could have control of the Senate right now.

Remember Biden got 95,000 more votes than Ossoff.

Dems can’t even properly cheat.

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I hope everyone is ready for 4 more (or 8, now even 12 more) years of President Trump!

That’s not accurate.

And Trump mentioned that the dims were trying to steal Michigan Senate from John James, and whaddayaknow…he lost.

It’s absolutely accurate.

If they were stealing Georgia for Biden why didn’t they remember to steal wins for Ossoff and Warnock?


It’s not accurate because you said the dims would “already control the senate” if ossoff won. That’s not true.

And it would have been next to impossible to have warnock win 50% in that race. He was always headed for a runoff.

Still on the Trump Train I see. Trump in a landslide!

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It ain’t over.

Remember a few weeks ago when dims were floating the “President pelosi” scenario, where the election still wasn’t resolved through Inauguration Day??

There’s only one reason they’re in such a rush right now.

We know that reason.

It’s a risky game, that continuous searching and posting of any crazy claim on the internet to own the libs which often engenders their own unintended insanity. It’s insidious how it happens and it’s definitely aided by BIG TECH. Yet still people want to ride that dragon’s tail thinking they are in control or immune, not realizing their own brainwashing.


Perseus killed the Kraken though.


Nothing’s impossible when you can cheat on a scale to win states.

Flush twice my man.


The best part is how Big Tech left breadcrumbs on Big Tech sites.

Almost as if they wanted to rub their massive cheating in our faces.

Leftists covering for these swindlers.

deer popcorn