Explain precisely how Roseanne Barr's is racist

“muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj”

I’m having trouble seeing the racism. Its a joke by a comedian.

I don’t see race mentioned at all, certainly not in derogatory terms.

Seems to me, only a racist will see racism in the joke.

Educate me. Detail precisely where the racism is.

No. Stop being so lazy.

Deflecting to me, typical leftist silencing of discussion.

Its not racist, that’s why you failed.

Is Valerie Jarrett black?

Barr’s joke doesn’t say she is. No race was mentioned. Detail where the racism is.

I believe people who see racism in that, are racist. They are projecting.

I believe people who fail to ever see racism and try to make excuses for people who say racist things are racist. They aren’t even projecting, they’re just defending something indefensible. Probably because they’re racist.


When she brought “planet of the apes” into it, it became racist and there is NO denying it. What I haven’t witnessed is a history of racism by Barr that leads me to believe she is a racist. She just made a dumb remark and is now paying a severe price. In truth, I hope another network picks up her show and that she continues her success.


You are not being serious.

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Yes or no?

Yes. Then no chimps, monkeys, apes, gorillas. No simians. Ever.

That comparison was used to justify institutional racism in this country. To dehumanize black citizens so they could be abused.

No. Not ever. For any reason. Find another windmill.


This has the potential to be an awesome thread.

I didn’t make any excuses, I asked you prove what she said is racist. Clearly you cannot. So you smear me. Typical leftist suppression of discussion.

Either those who see racism in that are projecting their own racism, or they stupidly follow the crowd without thinking for themselves.

She didn’t mention race at all. Therefore, Not racist.

The poster uses the same tactics you see in forums of racialists/nativists/white nationalists/ alt-righters or whatever these punks call themselves lately.

Cognitive Dissonance. Plus, you can’t prove its racist.

I can prove its not, find where she mentioned a race.

She didn’t, therefore its not racist.

This is weak, even for you.

But please, don’t let anyone here talk you out of continuing.

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Keep trying. You are not fooling anyone.

If it were “weak” you would destroy it with a powerful irrefutable proof.

She didn’t mention race, therefore its not racist.

It really is that simple. But those who follow the lefty crowd, are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

It’s out there. Take a look. It’s amazing how easily you can step over her comment. She should be paying a “severe price.” She may even be too hot for Fox to touch, but we’ll see. After all, there are many other supporters like you.

No one is touching this level of radioactive.

Stop. If you call a Mexican a wetback have you mentioned race?

Just stop. Anyone who would claim to know the Son of Man would not practice such deceit.


You’re a one man truth army.

Keep storming this particular Bastille, I’m sure in the end you and Roseanne will emerge vindicated