Existential Threat to our Democracy


So what?



Uh, you using six degrees of Kevin Bacon to link something here?

Can we focus on Obama’s speech?

it was a video man, it was a video

You’d have to do some pretty awesome backflips to try to compare the idiot in the WH with Obama in any way. Did you keep the stub when you pawned your soul?

Very good. Now see if you can recognize other things in your environment.

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Here are some words that are going to trigger you for a while: Osama Bin Laden was killed on Obama’s watch.

good tactic, never address the facts.

funny how you are not literate enough to read but still post.

and, so was Christopher Stevens. why is that relevant. Are you saying you want Trump to start a war.

Wow, that was a great back flip. You even got your butt in the air.

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zing, right over your head. The video Lie Obama told about Benghazi. you know Susan Rice.


Just the mention of Obama triggers these numbflakes to no end. Lol!

All you have are talking points that have been shot down years ago. You need to live in the present. Your cult leader is nearing the end of his destructive occupation of the WH and life will be sad for you trumpers when you won’t be able to defend him every day.

Rosen was never arrested. Obama’s prosecution and persecution of government leakers was an abomination.

Have you forgotten what it was like under Obama and his love affair with illegal entrants? If you have forgotten, let Bernadette Lancelin EXPLAIN IT TO YOU

Obama didn’t give two twits about the sufferings of American Citizens living in our nation’s inner cities. All he was interested in was plundering our national treasury and fattening the fortunes of his inner circle friends.


80% of green energy money taxed away from the wages of hard working American Citizens WENT TO Obama’s corporate donors!

Yep. Obama lives inside their heads. Every one of them.

Ahh, Yes a lesson in transparency. Obama was so transparent.

best of all Obama never granted Immunity to anybody.

Thanks for the update. I will be sure to check out the speech of our last competent president.

TGIF BABY. I’m outta here. Keep up the good work battling the right wing lies while I am gone my non-deplorable friends.

AS the OP states, Obama did everything he said was dangerous about Trump.

Point of OP

Cowards don’t shield the most reviled and hated president of modern times…

Cowards take the easy way out… which is NOT defending Trump.