Existential Threat to our Democracy

Obama gives a speech warning about threats to our democracy. Transcript above. Some say it was anti Trump. You could say it is Anti Republican as well.

This comes from the man who said i have a pen and a phone. https://reason.com/blog/2016/11/14/ive-got-a-pen-and-ive-got-a-phone-obamas

In the speech he list the things we need to fear of Trump. What he forgets to mention is that he did everything he warned against.

Conclusion, according to Obama it is a good thing we elected Trump.

Thanks for posting this. It was good to hear the words of a sane ex president. He outshines trump to a great extent. Obama is a bright star shining like our sun where trump is a candle flickering in the wind of his own farts.


that was a very thorough and complete evaluation of the speech. Did not deal with one word on content. Typical Obama voter.

What Obama said was true. He called out Republicans who are cowards and shield Trump. He called out Trump for siding with Russia.

Recap: Decent man, ex-president, speaks truth about the current state of affairs under the failing trump presidency. But you don’t understand that.

It’s a shame that truth isn’t something these trumpers subscribe to anymore.

Welp, when your hero is a man-child who yells “Fake News” at everything, then touts himself as the most successful president ever, what else is there to say. The bubble they live in is small.

More distortions from Mr. “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”

It’s just so odd to watch and see them come in here like lemmings defending the idiot. I bet a good portion of these people have turned on their own families and friends over their cult leader.

What did Obama mean by that exactly? And you do know he was president when he said it, right. I think you guys need to give that talking point back. It makes no sense.

What distortions?

Fact - Trump sided with Putin over US intelligence community.
Fact - Trump has been non-stop tweeting about the investigation by DoJ
Fact - Trump didn’t call out the Nazis at the Charlottesville protests in 2017.
Fact - Deficits don’t matter now.

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why dont you look at what he said was dangerous and ask yourself if he did it.

you probably kept your doctor.

Oh sorry, I didn’t realize you were still talking.

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are you saying Obama shielded nobody? Are you saying democrats never shield anyone?

You seem to have a very short memory. The fact is, Obama was the worst President ever!.

"Shovel-ready was not as … uh … shovel-ready as we expected."___ Obama, June, 2011

Nope. Not at all.

Just responding to the other poster who claimed what Obama said was “distortions”. I pointed out facts that Obama said in his speech that were not distortions.

Deplorables have opinions too.

fact is Brennan ran CIA under Obama and number 2 under bush.

fact is CIA was wrong about WMD while Brennan was there.

Fact three is cia lost people in Benghazi.

fact 4 CIA conspired to create false narrative on Russian Collusion.

Wait, wait a second. You claim this youtube video is proof that Obama was the worst President ever? Wow.


and Obama had Rosen arrested and surveiled along with other reporters.