Executive Order on “Ghost Guns”?

I’m wondering how this will legally happen?

First. It’s a solution without a problem.
Q: how many ghost guns have been used in any known mass shooting?
A: Zero.

But on the the legalities:

How can he pass a law restricting something that’s not a firearm?

In case anyone didn’t know, a ghost gun is just a block of metal that’s machined to rough firearm shape, and the purchaser has to machine it the rest of the way.

They can’t make producing your own guns illegal, and the block of metal they are selling you isn’t completed enough to meet the requirements of a firearm.

So. How does this stay a law and not be immediately nullified.

Two. Who in his administration is so clueless that they don’t already know this?

Three: why are they fixing something that has no measurable impact on “gun violence”?

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The President can’t make laws by executive order.

I imagine we’ll find out exactly what the order does when he releases it tomorrow.

The same way they do everything else; dumbassery.


If you ignore effect he can’t.

I am having trouble parsing this.

Then stop trying.

Ok, if you say so.

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Here you go.

The Justice Department will be given 60 days to issue a separate rule on stabilizing braces, which can turn a pistol into a more accurate weapon that fires like a rifle. Sixty days will also be provided for the DOJ to develop model “red flag” legislation that would allow friends and family members to identify an individual as a potential danger, thereby temporarily preventing the person from accessing a firearm.

I think we will find friends that we didn’t even know we had. :wink:


Not wearing a mask would meet the danger threshold…


Neither one should have a legal leg to stand on.

1: it’s already been determined that if a brace is designed as an arm brace, how the end user actually uses it is irrelevant. In addition. Pistols are legal, rifles are legal, what’s the point in regulating something that’s between the two?

2: red flag laws are prior restraint and will probably be overturned.

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The number of family members, acquaintances and co workers ratting out Capitol insurrections is a pretty good indicator of the type of people who get people close to them ratting them out are. The most I saw was 7 different family members ratting out an insurrectionist but it was amazingly common.

So I guess if someone is going to be a gun fetishist then either keep it a secret or don’t be a giant ■■■■■■■ to everybody to the point they can’t wait to turn you into the Feds.

Or not carrying your VacPass


Which insurrectionists were armed inside the Temple of 'Mocracy?


One helluva lot of them.


When reality is a false equivalence conspiracy theory.

Prove your reality.

I’d this were a good faith request turn you could easily look it up as to what the laundry of weapons and charges that are known, which is very little overall and still high.

But what I’m expected to do is post a link documenting what weapons were recovered and known, then it gets hand saved away or summarily dismissed and it’s boring.

You are right. Making laws against something that is not a problem should not happen. I agree completely.

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As a side note:

How many people here think that buying a gun from a dealer means the government can look up what guns I own or even knows that I own any at all?

The answer is no. All filling out the form at a dealer means is that if the police recover a gun, they can ask the manufacturer which distributor they sold that serial number to, then they can ask the distributor what shop they sold that number to, then they can ask the shop who purchased the gun. Then if the original purchaser of the gun sold it, the trail is dead.

It’s only useful if they have the weapon in evidence, and then only if the original purchaser didn’t sell it to someone.