EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in ‘Dozens’ of Planning Meetings With Members of Congress and White House Staff

The two individuals coming forward have documented evidence and are willing to openly testify before Congress.

It seems these two were promised a “blanket pardon” by trump, did’t get it and are now willing to SING.

The planning meetings with representatives…run roh!

This is going to explode tomorrow. No one involved will speak to the media.

Well, thanks for posting this. I thought about doing it, but didn’t want my notifications to blow up.

These sources had better bring the receipts though.

Nothing is going to explode. This is kabuki nonsense


Everything is Michael Cohen hype until proven otherwise.



Dear lord move on already, the FBI has already submitted there report on the event. Are we expected to believe they suck at their jobs and it takes a purely partisan committee to provide the real truth. Only a small percentage of the public right now would consider this more important than inflation, covid, rising food and energy costs, rising crime and a housing market in the stratosphere along with a plethora of other real problems plaguing the public right now.

Even bigshot far leftists Jack Dorsey CEO of two profitable companies is coming out warning of hyper inflation. As and American if the current admin can get that under control good for them they should deserve the credit and that is more important imho than politics as usual.

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I’m not believing it at all. Until real evidence is presented in public, this is all non sense.

Stop with the drip. Put it out there for all to see.

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And did these meetings consist of planning a perfectly legal protest as envisioned in and protected by the first amendment, or did they include a plan to trespass into the capitol building?
Or, since Democrats seem to believe this was the intent, did they also plan to hang Pence, kill Congress persons and rape AOC?


Rolling Stone has been rolling the dice with fake news.


Yeah. I am going to need more than Rolling Stone reporting before going with this.

All I know is that I’ve been told that when bad things like this are backed by certain people, and violent actions occur, it was the exact plan from the get go.

First…it’s the crazy ass “Rollingstone” as the source.

Second…look at the headline…“Protest Organizers” that’s actually just 2.

Third…they’re sharing “new information”. Really? New…after all of these months? :roll_eyes:

Fourth…as they are "communicating with house investigators…they leak it all to the press.

People…or excuse me…Sheople…this is exactly what I bring to your attention everyday. You’re being sheoplized. Stop eating their nonsense and regurgibleating it. You’re being used. How many times do I have to keep shoving this in your face before you can remove the goggles of arrogance and see things for what they actually are?


What should be done to these congressional insurrection plotters?

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Why would Gozar be offering blanket pardons if everything was meant to be legal?

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Nicely stated.

dont go to rolling stone to find anything out unless it deals with guitars and record labels

Here are the protestors saying they coordinated with congress and White House staff. :rofl:


I m going to offer two thoughts on this.

1- Rolling Stone is a rag that spent four years lying from 2016-2020. I read their piece, I read one in the Washington Post on a similar subject…looks to me like meetings to organize a legitimate event are about to get twisted into meetings to organize an “insurrection” by the same people who gave us multiple lies over the last four years.

2- Democrats heading into a Christmas season of empty store shelves, with people facing 3 and 4 and 5 dollar a gallon gas, nation transforming multi trillion dollar spending bills, a wide open southern border, parents being silenced for the crime of caring about what their kids learn in school, and more and more news stories of people who were hero’s last year during Covid who’ve already been exposed and probably have natural immunity losing their jobs this year because of needless mandates…

In the face of all that democrats might wanna come up with more than a year old riot that most of us have moved on from to offer Americans.