Exactly how can we genuinely vet the people coming across the border?

Odd, that Americans still have to get searched at the airport while the dems flood the country with unvetted illegals who are either cheap labor or criminals…


I just came through the airport system yesterday and thought the same thing. Put all of your things in a plastic bin, along with your shoes, belt and anything in your pockets…scan, lift your hands over your head, while your x-rayed… :roll_eyes:


It’s absolutely crazy. These people coming across the border could have killed or raped multiple people and we would have no way of knowing about it, and the Biden administration has an open door for these people! Utter insanity!

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These people are out of their ■■■■■■■ minds.

This admin doesn’t give a ■■■■ who comes across or why.


It looks like now they are going to get more strict!


The Biden administration is moving forward with a proposal to allow the Department of Homeland Security to quickly deport any asylum-seeker who came over the border illegally and is determined to be a threat to public safety.

DHS agency U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services filed a notice in the Public Register on Thursday of plans to more quickly remove from the United States illegal immigrants who seek asylum and are determined to pose a risk to national security or public safety.

Until now, federal authorities have not been permitted to consider the risks early on in asylum screenings, allowing them to get released.

■■■■■■■■■ believable!

It’s not unbelievable, the dip stick finally realized people are truly pissed about this on both sides of the aisle and its getting closer to election day.

It’s throwing people a bone and hoping they don’t notice it’s all posturing and talk. As usual.


the caveat!

excuse me mr. illegal, are you determined to be a threat to public safety?

here’s a simple idea

  1. if you crossed the border illegally, you fail
  2. if you overstay your visa, you fail
  3. if you went through another country and did not apply for asylum there, you fail
  4. if you flew in bypassing other countries, you fail
  5. if you failed to comply with a deporting order, you fail
  6. if you’ve been deported and came back, you fail
  7. if you’ve been incarcerated for what would be a felony in the US, you fail
  8. If your known associates are drug traffickers, you fail
  9. If you paid a coyote, you fail
  10. If you have immediate family members who came here illegally, you fail

That would be a good start, but its only a start


Hoping and praying implies they give a ■■■■■ They don’t. The SOBs that are for illegals for the most part are protected from the harm they caused.


It is not about whether they have a criminal history
fraudulently claiming asylum status and breaking our laws to enter are crime enough.

If, say, persecuted Venezuelans escape their home country, then they have escaped persecution and have no asylum-right to continue to the US. None, zero.

Pretending they do is a criminal act. Entering here is a criminal act. We not only have no obligation to allow them in we have every right to prohibit them from entering and/or to send them to any country that is not persecuting them.

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