Evil doesn’t begin to describe this administration

The trans panic is entirely predictable. Pick a tiny minority, punch down, scare bored homemakers into thinking evil is going on…when elected, give really wealthy guys more tax breaks.


But here you go. Found this.

About 600/100k

Compared to 1,200/100k for Jews in camps.

So the claim was not correct. @zantax

And I’ve learned that a lot of people believe what they want to believe, regardless of facts.

So where does that leave us?

So have I

It leaves us trying to restore a sense or shared reality instead of alternate facts.

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Facts? Are you’re facts different than my facts”

Let’s do a complete forensic audit and then consider the facts.

Foresic audit of what?

AZ did a few. GA did three.

What more do you want?

For Trump to have won.


:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: gets me every time…

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Grow up.


Please, how long it take you to find that outlier?

The suicide attempt rate among transgender persons ranges from 32% to 50% across the countries.

Ah no I see what you did, went from increased suicide risk to risk of death, which aren’t the same thing.

Those aren’t expressed as per/100K so they have no bearing on the study you posted earlier.

You posted a rate of suicide for jews in camps, per 100K.

Post a similar rate for trans.

I found one - the only one I could find.

Post another. And we can discuss.

Pretty sure I posted a percentage number, not a per 100k number.

Then present a % for jews in camps.

In response to my questions about that, you posted a study suggesting a measurement in x/100K.

If he doesn’t mind walking around in public looking like that he better have thick skin.

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Good advice. Now allow that same thing for the children before life altering decisions are made.

Legislation is moving forward that will allow children who “grow up” to sue doctors for medical procedures altering them during their “growing up” phase.


Impolite society

Amazing comment from someone who pushes morals with such fervency

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Do unto others as something something something.

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If I ever met the guy, I’d be very cordial and polite, but nothing requires me to not call perversion by its name. Society is pushing this garbage and even pushing it on our kids. It is NOT morally right regardless of what society says.

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Then why the thick skin comment?

As i pointed out to another poster nobody gets to say how many guns you get to have and you don’t get to say whom they kiss or how they dress

Pull up your pants is upto you. You pull up your pants and leave others peoples outfits or choices alone.

The whole pushing on our kids goes back forever. This country was founded by prudes and now this is the result.


Calling her a “guy” is not being cordial or polite.