Evil doesn’t begin to describe this administration

It absolutely leaves a sane person stunned. Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, the biological male transgender that claims to be a woman is openly proposing allowing children to be chemically and surgically castrated. This has to be the most evil and vial thing I have ever seen in this country.


Stopped at “according to the American College of Pediatricians”.

Wonder why?


What exactly are we supposed to be outraged about? The linked article is a complete mess.

Doctors work at Planned Parenthood as well and they kill babies. Lots of money to be made in this new enterprise they are suggesting. I’ll bet the pharmaceutical industry will be on board as well. I doubt the American People will take too kindly to this, but you can be sure none of the Liberal Media will mention the plan. All hush, hush, until the money gets counted.

Quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting you to be outraged. Most people out in the real world will be though.

No hum, just mutilating emotionally disturbed children, what’s all the hysteria about?


I for one am going to really enjoy watching the utter destruction of their party because of this issue.


It probably won’t be long before we hear that teachers or counselors can take the kids for the castration without notifying the parent or obtaining their consent.


I appears that Levine supports gender-affirming healthcare. What’s not clear is how she is “pushing” for it, as claimed by the OP.

You say this kind of thing a lot.


They are already taking children from parents who won’t allow them to have “gender affirming care”.

Might want to glance at the polls every now and then.


It is like an Alex Jones video gained sentience and is posting on the internet


The American College of Pediatricians started as an opposition to Gay people adopting children.

So wonder why I don’t take them seriously?

Idk. Seems kinda mixed. Certainly doesn’t spell doom for any particular group.

About four-in-ten U.S. adults (38%) say that greater acceptance of people who are transgender is generally good for our society, while 32% say it is bad and 29% say it is neither good nor bad.

In before the first meme making fun of how Dr Levine looks.


I don’t think that things like the State harassing the parents of trans kids providing them care is that popular.

Stick with the sports angle… those couple dozen or so kids across the country are really worth getting upset about.

Gay Marriage
Gay Pride Month
Drag Queen Story Hour
Drag Queen performances for kids
Promoting transgender philosophy in schools
Now they want to castrate children???

These people are obsessed. This is all they think and talk about.

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Well, someone’s obsessed…


Well, well, well…libs have finally defined what a woman is, eh?


…and this makes as much sense as introducing the transgender concept to a child.