Everything you need to know about Foxnews in one headline

Let’s take a quick look at the banner image on Foxnews.com right now.


If you were a betting person, what do you think it would be about? You’d be wrong.

It’s actually “defending” the President regarding calling McCabe’s wife a loser.



Obviously enough people have complained about that because it’s now been changed to “Leave My Wife Out of This”.

Wow. That is pretty bad.

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No, that’s Fair and Balanced!


I wonder if they’ll issue a retraction.

Fox News: The Clickbait Network. They are the political equivalent of tabloid news like their friends at AMI.

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Wow- that’s awful.

Just below that story, they have a story accusing him of lying about telling congressional leadership.

Here’s a note for Jim Jordan, you weren’t in the Congressional leadership you clueless bum. And a note for Fox News, you’re a terrible news agency.


Fake News. Literally.

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No doubt that we will hear, very soon, from the people who complain about the “lamstream media” and #FakeNews media about how this is different, or something.

It’s a headline; it’s a talking point; it’s a fact.

Uncanny how that plays out here everyday.

I shouldn’t be surprised. It has a biblical basis, “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

Not the real bible but the movie made about the Bible with Charlton Heston. Amen.

Fake News has it’s place. It’s the basis of the Trump decriminalizing homosexuality thread.

Ummm… wasn’t that Yul Brynner in The King and I?

It was Yul as Ramses in The Ten Commandments.

Close, it’s from The Ten Commandments. But Yul Brynner did say it.

Oops. Trivia fail. The King and I was “Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.”

It was Yul Brynner’s line in The Ten Commandments starring Heston.

ETA: I guess I was a little slooooowwww here.

Not much in the way of Foxnews defenders showing up.

who are the “foxnews defenders” ?

People who claim that Fox News is a legitimate news agency.