Everything you need to know about Foxnews in one headline


are any in here?

love some examples


All network news is biased. Heavily. If it were not for Fox, it would all be biased in one direction. So what should be done with Fox News in your opinion?


For me it is. For you CNN is. We’re both happy. So what’s the problem?


No, it’s not. Yes, Fox is weighted to the right. Not as far as Newsmax or Infowars, but definitely bending way in that direction. The real media, like the networks, NY Times and WashPost, have news standards. All true news outlets do. Impartiality is the rule, rather than the exception with the real media.




just one?

word was “defenders” not “defender”


And NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN have all allied themselves with the democrats. Sorry. As much as you would love to have all six, you’re only getting five. Why is having one opposing view such a problem?


There’s this guy in another thread but if he shows up here he’ll probably pretend he doesn’t defend Fox.


Exactly how have the networks aligned themselves with the Dems? Disagreeing with news stories is not proof. Fact is the networks have news standards. I worked in journalism. We didn’t spend our time on the phone with the DNC. That’s just total b.s.


The beauty of the situation is that we don’t need to defend them. We can chose of our own free will to watch them or not. As it should be. I just love that about America. Don’t you?


that is not defense of fox news.

that is asking you for examples

which you did not provide


Interesting that fake headlines is the subject of a thread. The following headline came up in another thread today:

Would you think this was about Schiff saying there is evidence in plain sight about Trump collusion with Russia? I thought so. Turns out he is talking not about Trump but about some people in Trump’s campaign.


Huh? You are actually claiming that the other networks are NOT biased in favor of democrats? Really? You actually believe that? Yowza.


I thought I did. I thought you said you were okay with watching it. I guess you haven’t so that means I didn’t. Can’t argue with that… or won’t, take your pick.


Yowza what? That I don’t believe a stupid conspiracy theory? I’m speaking from experience. I was a journalism school grad and I have spent practically all my adult life in journalism, most of it working for a daily newspaper (one that’s still in the top 100). I think I know what journalism is – and isn’t. And Fox News isn’t journalism.


yes, “just one”. the poster specifically said there weren’t many defenders in this thread.


Then don’t watch it. Do you mind if I do?


They don’t need defending. They are number one in the ratings. Again.


Weird. I didn’t say that.


Do what you like. But watch it for entertainment. Don’t expect to be informed.