Even too liberal for Whoopie

I was amazed to see a clip from the View of Whoopi Goldberg complaining Deblaso has messed up the city with too many bike lanes. Apparently she’s all fine with eco stuff as along as it does not slow down her driver during her commute in. De Blasio had the perfect leftist answer for traffic grid lock. He said it was “safer”…Perfect!.

But, gosh mayor don’t all those idling care produce CO2 and just plain pollution?

What happened to her eyebrows?

Bike Lanes aren’t a liberal/conservative issue, but an issue of moving people from point A to Point B.

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Whoopi says they are preventing moving people from point A to Point B.

Hey Whoopi…bike lanes in NYC are a lib echo from California.

Whoopi’s complaint, and it is a valid one that some of the bike lanes have been placed in useless paths… like I won’t take the one going up 8th Ave because it is a dangerous and congested road where cars do not respect the bike lanes… and that the paths do not go into the Upper East Side because the rich people there have been more successful at their NIMBY than other neighborhoods.

But… it still isn’t a liberal/conservative issue… it is a transportation issue.

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Bike lanes in NYC have been fought for by activists for decades.

Thousands of people commute to work on bike.

This isn’t a liberal/conservative issue, this is a transportation issue.

Liberals want to take people out of their cars. So more congestion is better.

and I don’t know how people breath that air everyday… I feel like I have a sticky film on me when I leave New York city.

The first part of of the post does not agree with the second part of the post.

You got her now.

Hey, that’s Joy’s line.


Looks like she’s got HIM now. :))

I just find it amazing she’s all for liberalism until it hits her commute in…

Another time until it sinks in.

Bike lanes are not a left/right issue.

It is really stupid to try to make it one.

They are when they are used for social engineering. Which is what the left does…

Then that is a design issue not a lib/con issue.

Just how do adding bike lanes in NYC… a city of 8 million people that swells to near 20 million every weekday equate to social engineering?

I doubt you can replace diesel trucks with bikes for delivery… They just sit and idle. Hack, hack…

Remind me to care about “The View”.

Who has proposed getting rid of delivery trucks?