Even Deep Red States Don't Want To Enforce E Verify

That is true. I primarily singled out republicans as they happen to be in power right now, but both sides have had ample opportunities to address the problem over the years. Heck, the democrats had a super majority in the senate not too long ago.

If you look at the pushback learn one thing businesses are not going to quietly accept huge losses in the workplace now.

If you are going to set a system like you described earlier then you need to find a way to legalize all those in county currently working or in school etc…

As shown in the “Molly Tibbetts Wall” thread, very few righties actually think employers should have any responsibility, or really even care, I think a few even said they should only “check to make sure IDs are not written in crayon”.

Figures. Go read that thread if you want a view into how much they really care.

I personally am an advocate of all of the above, including background checks, and drug screening, etc…

I personally am conservative and believe that there should be stiffer penalties on companies that don’t take proper steps to ensure they are employing illegal immigrants - but, I’m obviously not what you would call a “Trump republican.” Obviously, I distanced myself from the Republican party after the Trump nomination.

Seems like many on the right all of a sudden only think “big government” an tell them how to be responsible; people literally fighting about the wording in I-9 forms to justify not doing even basic verification.

On the one hand you chamber of commerce Republicans who like cheap labour. On the other white nationalists who want everyone deported.

What has to be done is piss off both sides and pass common sense immigration reform.

87% of a shrinking group

Definitely should have stiffer penalties, but right now the catch 22 is there is no way the employers can with 100% accuracy determine whether the employee is legal or not. Particularly with the use of fraudulent documents. They can “verify” all they want but without the info to make it fool proof and accurate it’s alittle hard to come down on them if they follow procedures.

I can tell you after seeing it first hand, agricultural business owning republicans scream the crops rotting in the field BS as justification for keeping their cheap labor all day long.

Absolutely. And I just do not see any end in sight either. We keep reelecting incumbents at staggering rates, which continues to reward their inaction and complicity on this issue. There are some very easy to implement solutions to this very real immigration problem that could be put in place before the end of the year, if not for the reality of the bolded part of your post.

I agree. If we were to move forward with a national E-Verify requirement, then we would have to couple it with full immunity for employers using it. And punitive potential for employers who do not use it as well. Heck, it should already be that way now, which you would think could earn enough bipartisan support for passage. But I know that is a pipe-dream.


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If I were in charge, I would push the e-verify into place. And simultaneously open up a one-time window for any undocumented immigrant to get documented. Instead of a green card, call it something else – a yellow card, or some other color. It would come with stipulations, such as enrollment in a legal residency track of some sort, and background checks (so that criminals get weeded out), and perhaps some other basic stuff. Do it by a certain date (very short date) to prevent a flood of last-minute gold-diggers hopping over the border to get on the bus.

The ones that are here, are here. Most contribute to the economy already. (Maybe proof of income from a job or a spouse would be another stipulation for a yellow card.) Take what we already have, shore it up, document it, and move forward with a solid e-verify system to prevent future illegal immigration.

Yep I agree. You still need some sort of system to ensure temp visas are not over stayed and refugees are tracked until their hearings even if that means building apartments to house them.

A good e-verify system would be accessible via web or app. Plunk in the applicant’s ID info. You get back a yes-or-no and a tracking number.

Employer did what he had to do. He’s covered by the tracking number. It should be up to the fedgov to weed out ID fraud. Not the employer.

I would fully support something like this. Assuming it would also prevent any potential lawsuits filed against the employer for submitting the information, and a potential false failure came up. Which it sounds like is part of the purpose here. I just don’t believe businesses should be penalized for using a system that the government requires them to use.

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So give business a pass for hiring illegals. Got it.

Having it all stored in one place from which e-verify would draw its approval/rejection would address the over-stay issue. That immigrant’s ID would be rejected for anything and everything the day it expires. (And I would place the burden on the fedgov to design the system so that it catches such people.) The first rejection of some transaction would raise red flags with whatever agency is tracking this stuff. The person would get a visit at his work or home.

Refugees? Gotta be tracked. And it has to be way better than what were doing today.

You’d think trump and the GOP congress would do something about this then,.