Even Deep Red States Don't Want To Enforce E Verify

So it appears many red states passed laws to pay lip service to being tough on illegal immigrants but failed to fund the laws or never told anyone to enforce it.


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It’s stuff like this that make me think that the Republican party isn’t really serious about enforcing immigration laws. Oh, they’ll cheer about a wall - but, bring up stuff like e-verify that can actually help stop employers from hiring those coming in illegally, and it gets a lot quieter in the room. Stop the motivation for them coming (jobs), and that will be a lot more effective than a wall. But, the republican leadership doesn’t really seem to be all that interested in stuff that would actually work against illegal immigration.

No kidding, that’s one of the reasons they elected Trump, they were tired of being promised something would be done about it by establishment GOP and not getting anything actually done about it. Of course that probably won’t turn out any better. The GOP is in it for cheap labor, democrats are in it for votes and yes, I know, illegals can’t vote but Democrats are willing to wait 18 years for their anchor babies to vote.


This is Why I said earlier to someone…stop blaming democrats and demand Republicans do something too. This would be a big step

Unfortunately, Trump is focusing on one tiny piece of handling the immigration problem - a wall. It’s going to take a much more comprehensive approach to plug the leaks than that. Meanwhile, he is belittling the guy that’s doing the heavy lifting on immigration enforcement all over Twitter. Sessions has done a lot more than Trump to plug the leaks so far.

I would have greatly preferred Sessions as President but it wasn’t my call.


Neither side is. At least when it comes to those who wield the power in the parties.

A good e-verify system would be way cheaper and more effective than any wall.


Have to agree with this with a few caveats. It should applied to everything from getting a bank account to renting an apartment, loan, buying a car or any other large sale, heck even renting a motel room. And immigration should follow up on each failure. Oh and I have no idea how you make it work if it’s run by the federal government who proves over and over they are completely incompetent. The system as it exists is horribly implement, returning way to many false failures which makes it unreliable and then you end up getting sued for relying on it.

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I’m glad the American public is finally realizing that for the most part, the root cause of illegal immigration is having the opportunity of getting a job.
It is very unfortunate though, that it took losing a life, to get that point across.

It’s not businesses job to enforce our immigration laws, sorry. If you want to draft them into the job, give them the same immunity from being sued the feds have for trying to do it. The feds, the EEOC and the courts tied that farmers hands, don’t blame him for not being able to tap dance with his shoelaces ties to each other by the courts and the feds.

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The wall was never anything more than a campaign carrot to make Trumpists bark like seals. Hell, they even still bark “Lock her up!” at Donald’s rallies as though they think it might really happen.

Sure, it was a symbol for enforcing immigration law, I agree. So what? I don’t care if a wall is ever built if we get the illegals out some other way, that works too. The point is, they need to get out.

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As you so often claim, you are not a Trumpist. There are plenty of them who still hold out hope for that magical unicorn - a great big beautiful (and physical) wall.

100%. Enrollment in school/college too.

I would place the burden of the solidness of the system squarely on the fedgov. Use as a vendor/supplier/employer/educator/etc. should be simple. Web page or an app. Insert the ID info, and receive a yes/no with a tracking number. Do that, and you’re covered. If ICE finds that you hired someone who used false ID, you just need to show the tracking number to prove you did due diligence.

Heaven forbid, though, that we use the system at the voting booth. :roll_eyes:

Libs don’t realize that every charge they toss at “trumpists” applies right back to them on the other side of the political coin.

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I don’t think that holds up, if the wall was what mattered, why haven’t they abandoned him? I don’t see the wall anywhere and yet…

Did I mention anywhere in my post that it was the bussinesses’ job to enforce our immigration laws? Did I?

You’re assuming their loyalty is based on results. Do you honestly believe the die hard Trumpists will ever abandon him? Really -

  • No wall? “That’s because liberals and establishment RINOs keep thwarting him to keep the borders open.”
  • No prosecution for Hillary? “That’s because liberals protect her and her Satanic cult.”
  • No full repeal of Obamacare? “That’s because liberals are dedicated to creating a communist state in America.”
  • Debt increasing at record rates? “Okay, but have you SEEN my 401K?”
  • Donald’s a liar/adulterer/thief? “Hey, God used King David and he was a murderer.”
  • Donald shot someone on 5th avenue? “Was it an illegal alien?” (OK I made that last one up obviously)

No Trumpist will ever concede that Donald’s failures are Donald’s responsibility. Their vocal enthusiasm might wane, but they will never abandon him even in the face of overwhelming corruption/incompetence.

So, 87% of Republicans are die hard cultists who will never abandon him? That’s a big cult.

Did I say Republicans are die hards?