Ethel Kennedy, 90, in Hunger Strike Against Trump Immigration Policy

The fast, which started Saturday, will last for 24 days, in honor of the estimated 2,400 children who have been separated from their parents due to Trump’s policy.

That’s not how hunger strikes work!

The strikers keep striking until they get want they want…or they give up.

These folks already have the “give up” planned. Not going to attract much attention that way.

A 90 year old woman fasting for nearly 4 weeks is not going to end well.

Okay, I read the article - while the protest goes on for 24 days, participants are only asked to fast for 24 hours.

Helps to read now and then. :wink:

Oh OK…I’m in. I will “hunger strike” until noon!

Just doin’ my part. Hope that helps.


Dont care. If she passes, just another Kennedy gone. Her choice. She did it to her self. I support one’s right to end their life if they dont want to live it anymore.

The Congress creates the laws. The executive should follow them to the best of his/her ability. Dont like the law…change it. I hate politicians not following the laws that they wrote.

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Me too…I’ll hunger strike while I’m sleeping. That way I can do two things at once!

Except the part about it being required by law being totally made up.

In an effort to ignore all the current partisan wailing, I went back to try and understand history of this topic. Went to Flores vs. Reno 1997 and couldn’t get through it. I’m not a lawyer.
But I think the contesting par up trying to reach a final conclusion.
But over the decades this case have been cited, twisted, opined from, executive ordered, and it still unsettled.
One item that seems clear is un-accompanied minors can only be held 20 days. Won’t the kids soon meet this criteria? Think bigger •••• will soon hit the fan!

24 hours?

Well, that’s longer than it took Jeff Flake to flip on tariffs!

I would be more impressed if she fostered a youth from Guatemala for a couple years.


Here’s what I still don’t understand…

Can a country that’s had dBase IV really not catalog and keep track of these people and their kids? Is there some magical black hole that they’re disappearing into? Did we just separate them by throwing the parents on one bus and the kids on another?

Trump might want to consider joining a few hunger strikes himself.

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Who told her why she is doing it?

24 hours?

So it’s less of a hunger strike and more of a “I’ll skip a snack or two to show everyone how virtuous I am”. Screw that, man-up and go full self-immolation, show us what you’re really made of.

Yeah, 24 days is an extreme fast. Not many people could pull that off regardless of age, let alone a 90 year-old.

24 hours is much more manageable. :wink:

As long as she doesn’t adopt them…

Not much of a commitment… only 24 hours…lol!

At least we all know what party to vote for if you want open borders and Latin American style socialism…

Oh, she’s a dem royal. I didn’t realize she’s the mother of Chappaquiddick Ted…

“I’m so emotionally worked up over this issue…I think I’ll skip my late afternoon snack in protest”.

Baaa, enough with the half-assing ■■■■■■■■. Grab yourself a gallon of gas, a book of matches and get on with some real virtue signaling.