Eric Holder: A sitting president can be indicted

I know we’ve have several threads about this with varying opinions, but this is the latest volley from one legal authority. He posted this on Twitter tonight.

Whether his opinion will prevail is another story. I’m not sure it’ll matter in the end if investigations turn out the way they appear to be heading.

Well, that settles it then doesn’t it?

Good luck with that.

DOJ policy is and has been that a sitting President will not be indicted.

So…who is going to indict them?

Of course first you have to find a crime…that a reasonable prosecutor would charge. (Comey standard)

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You must have missed me saying I don’t know whether it will prevail.

He was a former Attorney General so his opinion doesn’t come without some substance.

As for a crime, all in good time. All in good time.

Excellent rebuttal.

I would like to make a point, again.

The Department of Justice has OPINED that a sitting President may not be indicted.

However, this issue has NEVER been resolved in the courts and it is the courts that will make a final answer, should the question ever be presented to them, of whether or not a sitting President may be indicted.

The same Holder that earned himself a contempt-of-Congress citation during the Fast and Furious scandal. It was the first time Congress had ever issued such a citation against a sitting Cabinet official.


SDNY is famously independent and may buck DOJ policy there.

It’d certainly be fun to watch the attempt :popcorn:.

Brian Terry approves of Holder’s opinion.

I agree with Holder.

There is nothing in the Constitution which says a sitting President cannot be indicted.

That there are other ways to remove a President from office does not preclude that indictment is off limits.

That was a kangaroo court and everyone (except Obama haters) knew it.

Yeah but Holder is black…

The “DOJ policy” is not based on constitutional law so it holds no weight.

Is this the same Eric Holder that caused the death of Agent Brian Terry by selling guns to drug cartels?

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Eric Holder!

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Cheerleaders for Trump! :rofl:

You used Eric Holder! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Exactly Holder is so corrupt and crooked that I’m surprised he can stand up straight!

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Part of the “scandal free” Obama term lol lol