Enthusiasm or Astroturf? Pay or Punish to attend Trump speech

Donald Trump loves to brag about how many people attend his events and there regularly are celebrations here about how enthusiastic the crowds at Trump rallies and speeches are.

Well and good, but it turns out the union workers who made up much of the crowd at Trump’s speech last week not only were paid to attend, but faced having their wages docked if they did not want to participate.

Forced attendance at the dear leader’s speeches. How North Korean of them.

Future brags about crowd enthusiasm should be subject to fact checking.

I liked the bit in the rules of conduct which stated “no resistance”

I don’t get it. I’m sure there would’ve been plenty of other chumps showing up in equal numbers.

You mean his tax payer funded rally?

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Sure. All the people who still regret not showing up for his inauguration.

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I had heard that the full house sign was put up; you could not fit another person in.

I always thought a large herd of the Red Hat Mob just follow Trump around.

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Do you really not know why they had to badge in to get paid? And they weren’t docked.

What an incredibly ignorant claim. Go work in a plant for 6 months.

Speaking from experience there are usually twice as many people wanting in to Trump rallies as can actually get in.

Some even camp near the doors to be sue to get in. The idea of people having to be paid to go is just so much bs to honest. Wishful thinking.

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So you are claiming that the article that was posted to begin this thread is false. Okay, what’s your evidence other than your opinion?

Holy crap.

It’s like a Putin rally or something.

Its all the people waiting outside Red Square trying to get in that cinch the deal!

The inference that people have to be paid to attend Trump rallies is bs. I have been to Trump rallies and the enthusiasm is awesome. Lots of happy folks with the only angry folks being the lefties that drive by cursing or flipping people off(classy) .

Twice as many people wanting in as the capacity holds is the norm at such rallies.

The left is just upset that dem candidates can’t draw flies to their rallies.

It would be curious to see a large photo of a Trump rally in farm country from the last election with the farmers who no longer support him, because they’re struggling to pay their bills or teetering on bankruptcy, whited out.

I think all of us just assume that there are a ton of religious people, like yourself, that attend Trump’s rallies.


It’s just the latest TDS thread.

What did you expect?

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The notion that the left is upset that it cannot hold such rallies is nonsense. The opposition to Trump turned out crowds fro the Women’s Marches that Trump supporters can only dream of.

The Democrats do not indulge in cult-of-personality rallies.


How many are being paid?

Its like this…the workers are told. Don’t show up for work this day, we are having an off site training, the president is the guest speaker. If you want to go…great badge in. If you don’t want to attend don’t. The company has a 56 hour work week. The last 16 hours are forced OT. If you don’t badge in you lose the ability to get paid your time and a half OT. Nobody lost their pay. They lost their OT pay.

Back in 1968, Bobby Kennedy was in Chicago for a mid day rally. He learned he was really close to Gary Indiana… steel country. He wanted a blue collar rally there. My Grandpa was President of one of two US steel workers unions. He had every union member of the Day Shift, and every union member that wasn’t working that day at that rally. Its a little different because they didn’t shut down the mill. But each member in attendance that day got paid. Those who didn’t come, or who weren’t at work didn’t get paid.

This is nothing new.


There was great interest in making sure that the ‘Obama campaign’ picked up it’s fair share of travel expenses when President Obama traveled to campaign events. I hope someone is keeping tabs on the Trump Campaign expense reports.