Emails show Trump admin had 'no way to link' separated kids to parents

That was powerful.
I have had the utmost respect for James Comey when I first became aware of him regarding the 2004 Ashcroft incident.

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I used this in a post today…

And then you are lost…and he has eaten your soul.

And it got deleted. I guess someone thought I was directing it at them. I was not.

I am going to continue to use it.

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This is another powerful quote:
It takes character like Mr. Mattis’s to avoid the damage, because Mr. Trump eats your soul in small bites.


Yep…that was strong…the piece explains so much.

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Here’s an idea: ID wristbands.

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Interesting word choice for people who were literally caught breaking the law.

The hypocrisy of those Americans who complain about people crossing the southern border seeking refugee status in the context of the history of the United States of America is as bad as some Aussies complaining about boat people in the Australian context.

Yes, I’m talking about Comey’s quote. You’re free to quote captain dip ■■■■ all you want, but if it is vaguely implied that a guest here has lost their soul, it will be considered abuse of honored guest and sanction will follow.

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Where is the data?

65% asylum claims failed to meet required standards in 2018. A higher rejection rate for Mexico and Central American countries.

This adminsitration, and not to mention this President, is a raging dumpster fire.


only a Judge can determine if a claim is false or not.

Keeping up with 3000 families was given less thought, effort, and organization than valet parking.

His supporters don’t even have the shame to hide their faces from it.

If for some reason a social security check is late people scream like they’re being murdered.

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I will respect that.

Who’s captain dip ■■■■■

Comey. :wink:

I saw that article.

I knew immediately if it ended up being posted here the immediate response would be “But it’s COMEY”.

I wish there was a way to go to Vegas and bet on certain responses on these boards to certain people and subjects.

I’d clean up!


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Yeah, captain dip ■■■■■

Is this new? I see A LOT of vague insults and thinly veiled “shade” being cast that’s pretty clearly aimed at people here without naming names.

No. Not at all. Just because you’re quoting someone doesn’t give you the open invitation to imply with that quote that one of our guests have lost their soul.