Emails show Trump admin had 'no way to link' separated kids to parents

They’re idiots. They can reunite 60 kids with their families and don’t know how to reunite the other 2,940 families with their kids.

This is all on Donald Trump. And he could not care any less.

This is disgusting incompetence lead by cruelty.



This was on the level of a crime that should forever be a grievous historical mark against the Trump admin. This was inconceivable cruel. This horror should be forgotten. #neverforget

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That kids and that families shouldnt be there.
The Dems are a bunch of hypocrites, who put the interests of any immigrant in this world above the inetrests of American people

And the cost is separating innocent parents from their even more innocent kids? MAGA!!

Let’s talk about the topic and not each other.

127 dead migrants found in the Arizona desert because democrats tell them that the journey is worth the risk. Get here and we will protect you. This horror should never be forgotten. #neverforget.

NO it’s more like Congress and liberals who are the idiots! Until Congress passes laws to get rid of the asinine asylum laws that allow for the exploitation of children who will continue to be trafficked, used, abused and recycled the blame is on Congress. :angry:

Thats the procedure. Obama did the same.
And they found it out, many kids are used for that purposes, that arent even their families.
Oh, cry me a river, become melodramatic, trying to press on the lacrimal gland of the electorate. What a pathetic and hypocrite game of the left, which doesnt have any ideas and issues. I wouldnt wonder if they even have kind of agreement with the traffickers and the drug cartels on the Mexican side

That is simply not true

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surely true, that pics with kids in cages are from obama times

No, the Obama administration did not have a policy of separating migrant families. That ‘procedure’ is unique to the current administration. The children you are referring to were unaccompanied

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Ah because Democrats…uh huh

Didn’t they invent sanctuary cities where they have promised to protect illegals? I thought it was them. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Are you talking about this…

And then you are lost…and he has eaten your soul.

This is a quote from an op Ed that ends the piece explaining how so many strong leaders like barr are taken in by Trump. I made no reference to anyone. And if anyone took it that way I am sorry. But I’m gonna continue to use it.

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Stop illegal immigration and fake asylum claims. They are the root cause of these situations.

How many fake asylum claims are there?

Most asylum claims are fake. Read the statue describing asylum. It is not the same thing as poverty or even living in a high crime area.

Where is the data?