Emails show Proof of Direct Conflict of Interest

Four years and 8 Benghazi investigations that cost double digits millions of $$ are waving hello at you!

You mean the #FakeNews IRS scandal that never happened? How was Cummings involved in the #FakeNews scandal? Other than showing there was no scandal?

No, I mean the IRS scandal that caused Learner’s departure and an “apology” from the IRS.

Try google.

Yes, you mean the #FakeNews scandal that never happened. Just making sure.

No, I mean the IRS scandal that caused Learner’s departure and an “apology” from the IRS.


Yes, the #FakeNews scandal that never happened. There was no scandal, other than the one created by the minds of people who saw a scandal in EVERYTHING during Obama’s tenure.

I’ll assume the source is acceptable.

September 28, 2017 - The Treasury Inspector General of Tax Administration issues a new report that finds liberal-leaning groups may have also been subjected to extra scrutiny when they sought tax-exempt status.

But there was no “may have” about it.

Like I said, the scandal that alleged involved undue targeting of TP/conservative groups is #FakeNews because it targeted ANY potentially political group. The only scandal was the perpetual victimhood of TP types who always thought 0bummer was out to get them

CNN is not fake news.

And millions paid out. :wink:

The quote from my post was from your CNN article.

Nobody really cares if Donald Trump has conflicts of interest. All presidents had those. Libs are only using this to attack the president. They don’t really care.

You got him THIS time!.

White people were lynched too back in the day.

“That was all just the lawyers’ talk”, she said, after having previously clarified she did not accuse him in “a literal or criminal sense”.


I would prefer a firing squad, guillotine and electric chair used simultaneously. Throw in some stoning, too. :rofl:

Looks she forgot about the sworn deposition she signed that said he raped her is

She clarified. Apparently her lawyers made it up and told her to sign. Who reads the fine print?

More likely she was paid for her silence as is standard for Trump. #NDA #SOP

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Nope, this is legitimate evidence that the president’s ability to lead the country is compromised by his own financial greed. He had NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER even voicing an opinion on the matter at hand much less ordering people to handle it a certain way.

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