Emails show Proof of Direct Conflict of Interest

Who would have ever thought that making a corrupt lying grifter President of the United States would be a bad idea?

Emails released now show that President Trump intervened directly in a long term multiple administration effort to move the FBI headquarters to a new location; which Trump opposes because his hotel is directly across the street from the current one. The new effort will be more expensive and accommodate fewer employees.

Further, it appears Aminstrator Murphy lied to congress about Trumps involvement in this process.

This is direct harm to the US because of the Presidents business interests.

To coin a phrase, Lock Him Up!

Fake news!! Leaks!!! Hillary!! Lock her up!!!

Whew - glad we got that out of the way…

This will be down the memory hole by Friday night.

Because that is what happens now.

The sentence that was in the article that isn’t in any of the emails:

“—and thereby prevent commercial developers from competing with the Trump Hotel directly across the street—”

Sniper fire! Deplorables! Benghazi!

This would end an Administration 50 years ago.

This would be a years long scandal 10 years ago.

This would be the top headline on Fox News for a year straight two years ago (assuming it was Obama who did).

This probably won’t be the biggest story of the day, today.

It’s just how far we’ve plummeted.

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When Trump won, I knew it would be the most corrupt administration in the history of the country, I just couldn’t guess how little that mattered.

The House should investigate. Maybe start with asking for detailed information.

First off, what?

Second off, seriously, what the hell?

Third off, a quick google search shows nothing of the kind. Which right wing mouthpiece fed you this garbage?

Fourth off, “President Donald Trump, rapist, sexual deviant, and serial adulterer…”, except mine is accurate.

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Oh, Sorry wrong democrat , the head of the party is a wife beater…

Which “head of the party” are you talking about?

And does it compare at all to the time Trump raped Ivana? Because I bet it doesn’t.

Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee… Keith Ellison. His wife say he beat her for not cooking or something.

What does this have anything to do with the topic we’re discussing here?

One of these days the dems will post a topic about what they want to do with govt.

This thread makes trump look bad yet again. Deflectors gotta deflect.

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We already know.

There should be an investigation.

I think this is another sign Mueller has got nothing… So, they need another investigation.

If Dems take the House there will be plenty of investigations. They are good at seeing “smoke” everywhere, not very good at finding fires.
This would be as good a job as any to keep them busy. Have at it.
Meanwhile, hopefully the Senate will be getting some decent judges in there.

Yeah, you got the wrong guy. Cummings is the one involved in the IRS thing with Learner.