Elizabeth Warren is a Woman of Principle


“I’m running for re-election to U.S. Senate here in Massachusetts, and I pledge not to take a single penny from the National Rifle Association. The people of Massachusetts deserve to be represented by someone who will put their interests ahead of the NRA’s demands,”


Pocahontas for POTUS!


They need to cut her a substantial check immediately.

You know, just to see.

Great idea! I’ll call Fawn Hall.

I’m running for Congress. On principle, I refuse to take a single cent from the DNC!


Running as a Republican.

MA home of the Boston Tea Party and Revolutionary war battles with the British that secured our 2nd amendment rights sends this clown to the Senate?

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That’s it? Where are all the libs to support the first woman President?

Still looking for more Preparation H to get over Hillary’s loss.

Was there much of a threat coming from the NRA that they might donate to Princess Dung Heap that Walks Upright?

Standing to her ideal and not taking money from lobbyist.


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Dude, seriously Dude.

Is that what she said? Nope.

They should send it from their subsidiary … the NWWA (National Weapons of War Association) :wink:

If the British Army (or that of any other foreign country) marched into Boston today, the Mayor would hand over the keys to the city and throw them a parade. :wink:

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This just in, several Republican pro-life congress people have just pledged to never take donations from Planned Parenthood.

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What is most pathetic about her grandstanding, is that the Republicans are unlikely to run a candidate against her whose stance on guns will be sufficient to garner an endorsement from the NRA. Pro-gun and Massachusetts is an oxymoron.

Not “lobbyists,” just the NRA. I’m pretty sure she will have no problem cashing the check from Planned Parenthood.

Obviously, this discussion has gone right over your head.

not really she isn’t taking money from the NRA because she doesn’t agree with them.

how is that shocking.

of course she would take money from PP she support them and their mission statement, she doesn’t support the NRA so why would she take money from them?

You are moving the bar. You said “taking money from lobbyists.” She isn’t refusing to take money from lobbyists, only from the NRA.

What has gone over your head is the fact that she is never ever going to be in the position to be offered money from the NRA for her to refuse.