Elitist Snobs in Centgov

Elitist Snobs in centgov thinks construction worker, Truck drivers, Wielders, Plumbers, Electricians and linemen, Roughnecks Boom operators, Carpenters, Brick layers, Farmers and every other hard working blue collar Americans are lazy uneducated POS.

I wonder just how many other libs share their views?

Judging from their hatred, my guess lot of em.

Those two FBI agents which names been withhold are just the tip of iceberg of what those people think of us.

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And thus concludes the rights 24 hours of propoganda …

Please join us for the next 24 hours as it continues…


Having disdain for Trumpists has absolutely nothing to do with the jobs those people hold. It has everything to do with people who claim to hold a certain set of values, yet constantly defend a lying, ignorant, trashy human being because they are either too brainwashed or poisoned by hate to do otherwise.


Is that you Hillary? Please do keep up the deplorable style attacks. We haven’t won nearly enough yet! :+1::cowboy_hat_face:

I just save myself the trouble of categorizing and just hold everyone in disdain.


Feel better?

This week left Conan terribly unfulfilled. Back to the reliable flagellating material.


Snobs on the left despises blue collar workers…the ones that built America.

And those snobs peasants resent that.

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They say writing is therapy. Glad to see you partake Conan. It’s really been a bad week for Trump.

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I wonder what those people think of the Cent Com Elitist who wishes they would snap to attention when he speaks?

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No! You are the one starting threads spewing your hate filled conspiracies at everyones!

If only His People would snap to when their Very Strong Leader speaks.

Can’t stop laughing this morning. Thanks Conan!

And the dems will defend them…

I will have you know that my pops has been a construction worker his whole life and he hates Trump. Started from the bottom and now has his own company.

Put his 4 kids through college even though he did not finish himself.

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Are you really trying to have a rational discussion with a crazy con that only spews conspiracy theories and hate for everyone that is slightly different?

They dont care about reality and summarily reject everything that doesnt adhere to their delusions…

All true, but half the reason I come to this forum is for entertainment from the Trumpkin snowflake’s. :sweat_smile:

Congrats to your papa.

Construction is hard life…but it does has it’s rewards.

The funniest part about it is he accused another poster of being emotional in another thread just minutes before creating this thread.

Snobs on the left are the ones who work to protect worker’s rights and health. Snobs on the right want to take that stuff away and pay them as little as possible and not take care of them when they get injured.

There’s a reason union money typically goes to democrats and not republicans.

Hmmm. So “elitist snobs” are supposed to just take being run down by blue collar types so we don’t hurt their tender feelings, or how does this work? Tape an aspirin to it, snowflake.