Eleven Governor spots up for grabs - getting fully back to work or not may have profound impact?

The POTUS and 11 Governors are being elected in November.

Watching how the virus impacts their respective country/state they govern over will for sure run through at least April 30th.

However, if Trump declares some States should consider opening up in May-June, I wonder if States will follow the National recommendations or rather align on Partisan lines?

Republican incumbents eligible for re-election:

New Hampshire
North Dakota
West Virginia

Democratic incumbents eligible for re-election:

North Carolina

Term Limited for Retiring Republican - Utah

Term Limited for Retiring Democrat - Montana

They should not follow Trump’s recommendation. He does not have the situational awareness to make that call. Why would the governor of Montana, for example, listen to a recommendation from someone who hasn’t been updated on testing resources in weeks?

Governors would be wise to follow cues from Dr. Fauci, and ignore Trump’s recommendation at any hint of hesitation from the doctor.


What are you talking about Auto129? According to the Billings Gazette, as of this morning the state lab in Montana had already processed 6,603 tests. And this does not include tests sent to private labs.

How each of them prepared for and responded to this outbreak is probably going to have a profound effect on their re-electability.

Most of the governors did a piss poor job and those who did don’t deserve to be reelected.

Everything you wrote WildRose is spot on.

Just got this pit in my stomach that there there will be pressure on Democratic governors to unite against Federal direction when it comes times to start getting large sections of the country back to work. For example, in Oregon the POTUS has been more recently complimentary of them allocating 140 ventilators to NY on a voluntary basis.

How do you for see that playing out and subsequently impacting elections?

Out of curiosity of the 9 states listed which governors do you consider should be re-elected?

Why should I answer you at all?

I don’t think they’ll do it and should they, it won’t bode well for them or their party come election time if the numbers support a phased restart of the ecnomy.

We now have several serum tests coming on line concurrently which will allow for mass testing to see who has developed immunity.

We already have exceeded the 100,000/day mark for testing for the virus itself.

Between the two there ill be no justification for letting those cleared get back to work.

No, Dr Fauci would have everyone stay home until a vaccine is developed (a year or better) however at that point millions would have died of starvation.

He seems oblivious to that.

Yeah, Dr Fauci job has a rigid and narrow scope isolating the science. I saw him asked if he had a family member fighting for their life with the virus what would he do. He said without hesitation finding a clinical trial for them (not take the hydroxychloroquine).

He is certainly going against the flow of many Drs there. None are saying it is a wonder drug but many are saying it is very helpful in lessoning the symptoms and perhaps saving lives.

That interpretation of Dr. Fauci’s position is not true.

And Americans would not start starving after a mere year under these conditions, unless there were political and ideological obstacles that stopped them from getting food.

Obviously if you want serious information on steps to take in a medical situation, you go to the Medics. Trump is at most passing on the recommendations he gets from the experts, which is what he should be doing.

Would he? Link?

Is that why Trump would not allow Dr Fauci answer the question at his presser?

Wow. How do you think folks would be supporting themselves after a year of isolation? What would they buy food with?

Not mutually exclusive. He could find a trial of hydroxychlroquine.

That’s certainly the impression i am getting from listening to him.

Are you getting something different?

He seems to pooh pooh hydroxychlroquine every chance he gets.

We can’t keep this up at this level for a year. I have not seen anyone suggest that be done.