Electoral reform - an Aussie perspective

As an Aussie I thought I would see what posters think of the following:

There should be an independent electoral body that is responsible for drawing up the boundaries for each House of Reps districts. That the independent body conducts the elections and counts the votes. Also, that it should be on a Saturday and that any person eligible to vote should be able to vote on the day at any polling place in the USA.

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And every of age citizen should be automatically registered to vote

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How is that independent body appointed and by whom ?

My apologies for not replying sooner. See link below:

“independent body” is a theoretical concept that quickly turns into body whose (effective) purpose is to a perpetuate itself.

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Please check out the link below:

Our system eliminates the possibility that a candidate in an election is in charge of that election. That scenario appeared to occur in 2018 in one US election.

Voter turnout has been in decline since the 1960s. Making it easier to register to vote hasn’t done a thing to increase voter participation, and I would argue that it probably makes it worse. When I first voted in 1984, I had to go to the local courthouse to register to vote. it was worth it for me, and I have voted in every general election since (have missed one or two local primaries).

That was a sore loser candidate blaming local official irregularities from her own party on the other candidate.

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I have to laugh every time I see someone write “a non-partisan watchdog group”.


Like the FCC?

Oh… I don’t know. There are many (soi disant) watchdog groups that are non-partisan (i.e. equally self serving, without regard to the party affiliation of the members.)

They all end up partisan at some point. Whether that’s towards politicians, ideologies, or the corporations they’ve either worked for or will be working for after they leave their appointments. It’s like you people have learned nothing from us.

Time to allow voting by smartphone. It will come at one point.

No. Want to vote, put some effort into it.

Personally I think every 10 years voter rolls should be completely purged and those that still want to/are eligible to vote can re-register.

I think voter rolls shouldn’t be a thing at all. Voter ID and Vote in person. Would also reduce the ability to “rig” elections.

How many dead people have voted that were never taken off the rolls when they, you know, died?

Was there a candidate who was in charge of the election they were participating in?

The point of the Australian electoral commission is that it is non-partisan and removed from party affiliations. The drawing up of electoral boundaries, conduct of elections is removed from party affiliations.

Uh huh. Our Supreme Court is supposed to be non partisan. The FCC is supposed to be non partisan. The FDA is supposed to be non partisan. Like I said, it’s like you’ve learned nothing from us.

There will always be partisanship and corruption. You can’t simply legislate away human nature. We’ve tried.

Our elections are far more secure WITHOUT an independent body conducting the elections.

I do think something needs to be done about drawing congressional districts. Partisans drawing them is wrong on it’s face.

Letting people vote at any polling place is too complicated. That would require that people’s signatures and personal information be available at tens of thousands of polling places. It would require a central data hub that could be hacked. People can vote, I don’t think that’s even a big issue. We get several weeks to vote where I live and that is not unusual.

I like how the righties react negatively to any change that might result in fairer elections :rofl: