Electoral college predictions

how many electoral votes will trump or biden get ?
for comparison trump got 306 in 2016

im predicting biden gets 340.

I hope its over 380

I predict Biden gets 290.


That’s cutting it close

Worst Case

Best case

Most likely case

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Here is my optimistic prediction.

And my pessimistic prediction.


Nice maps. When did you make them?

Right before posting them.


That is the link to the “pessimistic” map I created.

Oh so it’s not “your” prediction after all.

What does that mean? Of course it is my prediction. I chose each and every one of the states in each of the maps that I created. I even sent you a link to the exact map I created that showed Trump winning. I take it you have no clue what www.270towin.com is or how it works.



You can create your own electoral college map. Technology is so cool!!!

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391 for me.


Hey @moonshine

Should add this link to your OP.

That map only gets trump to 263.

Is that your prediction?


Wouldn’t a worst-case be 2016

I think trump will win Iowa, so I changed my prediction to 286 for Biden.

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Michigan. If trump takes that, it will be an upset of historical proportions.


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No way trump will take Michigan or Wisconsin.

I think the 2016 map is dead and buried with those two states.


Those that I feel Trump and Biden will win.

Other then Ne2 and Me1…which I should change to Biden. Those 4 states is where this election comes down too.

Trump needs to win just one.

I’ll re edit the maps to include Ne and Me