Electoral college predictions

how many electoral votes will trump or biden get ?
for comparison trump got 306 in 2016

im predicting biden gets 340.

I hope its over 380

I predict Biden gets 290.


That’s cutting it close

Worst Case

Best case

Most likely case

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Here is my optimistic prediction.

And my pessimistic prediction.


Nice maps. When did you make them?

Right before posting them.


That is the link to the “pessimistic” map I created.

Oh so it’s not “your” prediction after all.

391 for me.


Hey @moonshine

Should add this link to your OP.

That map only gets trump to 263.

Is that your prediction?


Wouldn’t a worst-case be 2016

I think trump will win Iowa, so I changed my prediction to 286 for Biden.

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Michigan. If trump takes that, it will be an upset of historical proportions.


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No way trump will take Michigan or Wisconsin.

I think the 2016 map is dead and buried with those two states.


Those that I feel Trump and Biden will win.

Other then Ne2 and Me1…which I should change to Biden. Those 4 states is where this election comes down too.

Trump needs to win just one.

I’ll re edit the maps to include Ne and Me

Cooper is running well ahead of Forest in the Governor race in North Carolina. Like close to 20pts ahead. And Cunningham is running almost 10pts ahead of Tillis. If these trends hold true, then I struggle to see a scenario where Trump wins North Carolina.

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I’m not predicting anything I learned from 2016, when I had Hillary blowing the Trump out.