Einstein was a racist

Einsteins travel diary of his 1922-1923 trip to the Near and Mid East reveal him as rabid racist.
He felt that Asians were less than human and criticized almost everything about them.

What will the lefties do now? Einstein will have to be boycotted in some way. Maybe the use of his discoveries will be denounced by the pansy left.

It’ll be interesting to see.

Sounds like a fascinating book. I doubt you’ll read it, though. It’s always great to read deeper into famous people from the past and this surely is a window into his thinking, being an actual travel diary of his time in different parts of the world.


xtra letters…

Doesn’t affect me one damn bit.

It would if you felt obligated to boycott Einstein’s discoveries - kinda like eating a Chic-Fil-A.

Th are two scenarios aren’t nearly the same.

And besides, his views obviously changed by how deeply affected he was by having to flee Germany in the 30s. He saw what racism could lead to and became a champion for desegregation and equal rights.

It’s not obvious, at all that his views on Asians changed.
We don’t know whether they did or not.

Ok. Find something to boycott and share your findings with the group.

Easy solution.

Don’t have heroes.

Are we trying to justify racism today by pointing out people in the past, who accomplished great things, who may also have been racist?


We’re not sure, but we’re very upset.

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How does one boycott gravity?

Oh second thought perhaps some people would if they had the means to buy getting into outer space is terribly expensive.

We can start by desecrating, vandalizing and demanding any honorific images of Einstein.
GPS and many other NASA based discoveries would have probably been impossible without Einsteins General Theory of Relativity.

Ok. Get right on it and report back.

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Go ahead. Boycott science if you want to.

Many far righties do already…


I’m not. You used “we”. Are you?

You’re the lefty. That’s your job.

Is there a point you’re trying to make? If so, spit it out.

So this is “proxy” whining in case no liberal wants to whine about it? You people need to get a life.

Because my friend BillBrown doesn’t seem like a book reader. A lot of people aren’t. Maybe he will, and he has this thread all cued up to come back and share his thoughts if he does.

I won’t be reading it anytime soon, either. I’ve got other books piled up but it’s weeding season in the garden, so I don’t read as much in the summer.