Economy adds 157k jobs; unemployment rate lowest since 2000. Good News

The economy continues to prod along at its nice and steady pace. Wages grew though slower than expected but that’s ok keep on chugging

Holy crap 157k jobs wow incredible MAGA

Thanks Obama

Another good report. Not really possible to keep having 200+ gains at full employment. Also like that the last two months were revised up. Seven cent increase in wages is okay. But a good report.

Indeed. Not bad.

But, I gotta ask. Anyone have a chance to check out the participation rate? I’ve been made to understand it’s the true measure of overall employment.

I will note that we knew it would be a lackluster job creation number because our president didn’t tweet veiled hints of excitement. Which is ■■■■■■ up.

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I glanced kinda quick but I think it stayed 62.9.

Teadin’ Water, then, by the metric that was important for the last President.


No, the last metric was “Only 150,000 jobs created! We need 250,000 to keep pace with population growth. HOW DID UNEMPLOYMENT GO DOWN!!! RIGGED NUMBERS!!! Vote Trump.”


But hey look at the upside @pinqy no longer has to spend the first Friday of every month engaging in the equivalent of repeatedly slamming your head against a brick wall


Like you said, the talking point is, well we are at full employment! Well, Trump inherited I think 4.7% unemployment. So a .8% drop I guess all of a sudden is OMGz full employment MAGA INCREDIBLE. Never mind the upcoming $1trillion deficit

We are a year or 2 from a recession I believe. Usually when we start getting below 4% it’s not too long for a crash. Time to put some cash in the old savings account and scoop up the higher interest rates and then the cheap stocks in a couple years.

No matter how many fatwas obama decreed he never had the economy moving like this.

He was a disaster.

We’ll go into recession next year, if dems take the house…

Good News!!!(???)

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Hmm, so another month at full employment with no or negative real wage growth?

My 17 yo landed his summer job @ Five Guys in July - is part of that number, so yeah… good news.

Yeah, some people need to be up early and do a proper title.

He did contribute by leaving office and thus getting out of the way.

Both 2014 and 2015 had more jobs added from Jan - Jul compared to 2018 and all four years of Obama’s second term had more jobs added than 2017. But it definitely wasn’t moving like this.

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