Easter Attacks - 150 dead 500 injured

Sri Lanka- Several hotels and Christian churches were attacked by suicide bombers, Easter morning. So far 500 people are reported injured and over 150 dead.

The attackers are described as “religious extremists”. Their religion is not stated as for certain.

There is a thread on the topic here:


It is a sad day indeed. :disappointed_relieved:

New Zealand Mosque shooting by white male kills 50 muslims. That story is breaking news for days. White male and guns. Look at the thread count for the New Zealand shooting. The bombings in Sri Lanka targeted Christian churches. Over 200 killed and hundreds injured. A non story. Must not criticize those pesky muslim fanatics.

It’s the top story, everywhere. What are you talking about?

New Zealand level coverage? Not by a long shot

This is completely ridiculous. Not that pointing it out would sway your opinion.

Have you turned on the news today?

Pure evil.

Yeah, what group would do such a thing?

Are you asking me if there have been terrorist attacks from only one group?

They’ve already said.


On multiple Deep State lib mob media sites.

No I did not ask that.
I asked what group blew up hundreds of people?

Some people did something

Religious extremists according to the OP. Muslims I assume.

Pure evil.

That’s not necessarily a safe assumption in Sri Lanka.

Oh. Okay. I’ll wait and see.

Sri Lanka is one of the weird places where a majority of the religiously-based violence is perpetrated by Buddhists.

Now, saying that - I have no idea what group set these bombs, or why they did it.

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It will die away fast no way it will receive the mosque shooting coverage in New Zealand. Sins of the west must get extra scrutiny.

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I would say its more about sins in the west, rather than sins of the west.

But don’t let me keep you from taking this opportunity to feel victimized.

The bombings today targeting Christians, did not receive the Drudge red bolded headline. It 's easy to go back and review the media coverage on the day of the New Zealand mosque murders. Compare the threads on this forum during the New Zealand mass murder with today’s mass murder event where at least 4x and rising have been murdered. Many more injured and mamed for life as compared to the New Zealand murders.
Anyone claiming this is receiving the same level of attention is dishonest.