Early news CCPV Relief

Seeing the early morning news it looks like the WH is signalling that should the Congress continue acting like children and doesn’t come up with a new Relief Bill Before Recessing Trump will take executive action under his current authorities and make it happen via EO.

The Money has already been provided by congress along with great leeway in how it is used at the discretion of the POTUS and TS so I applaud this move.

Tax holiday?

Does that mean that it won’t include bailouts for bankrupt lib states who have misused funds that Pelosi and company are demanding? That explains the whining I’m starting to hear way off in the distance. :sunglasses:


Huh? Explain.

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EOs good now!

I really hope after the election Biden first reviews and cancels most EO’s and then congress passes laws limiting EO’s use in future.
They have gotten out of hand, Bush W, Obama, and Now Trump have all expanded and abused the use.
Even when I agree with the change I hate that EOs are what makes it happen.
I also theorize that it increases partisanship as the party in the white house has little need to negotiate at all since end of day, they can just have the President write a EO.


I said this when Trump took office.

I hope that a result of the Trump Presidency is that Congress takes back power that they have been ceding to the Executive since the 1950’s

Spolier alert.
They didn’t.


Trump EOs bad. Obama EOs good. DACA! I didn’t hear a single liberal bitch about that one. At all.


I did. Try reading the post.
Don’t respond to what you assumed I said, but what I actually said. Becomes a MUCH better discussion then.

DACA should be handled with actual legislation.

People shouldn’t have to rely on the whims of one person to guarantee their status.

Doing it by Executive order was a bandaid on the problem but ultimately it has to be done by Congress.

This goes in line with my hope that Congress takes back power that it has ceded to the executive since the 50’s.

That would seem like something that most of us could agree on.

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And I was referring to the point in time when it was enacted. I didn’t hear a single liberal bitch about Obama using an EO to do it.

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Then don’t use my comment to reply to a unrelated point.
I pointed out in the post you quoted I was against Obama expanding it.
I wasn’t here then, but I voiced it on my SM often then I liked the results but didn’t agree with the EO to do it

You literally quoted a post stating that Obama Let them get out of hand.

Article II, section 1 of the Constitution gives the power of Executive Order to the Executive Branch of Government so it would have to be an Amendment to the Constitution and not a legislative law by Congress.

I disagree. I’m not saying remove the EO, but limit it.
I think it could be done consitutionally


And claw back the power of signing statements.

That is the President basically giving himself the power of a line item veto.


EOs were suppose to be in emergencies, or like a memo to the depts telling them what to focus resources on.
A EO that says ICE should only focus on undocumented people who have committed crimes or a EO that says IRS should not focus on those that don’t pay a penalty for having health insurance is a fair use.
A EO saying that Undocumented workers who fit the critiera under DACA to stay or telling the IRS to reduce a payroll tax is beyond how to focus resources.
While the consitution grants EO powers, u believe, Congress could pass a law that defines a EO.


Prepare to be disappointed if you think this is actually going to happen except in a very limited way.

The real interesting thing here, I think, is that since Trump rammed through basically his entire agenda with EOs, the pushback isn’t going to be just reversing the EOs immediately. If the Dems take the presidency and the Senate, they will rescind them and then pass legislation to put things their way permanently.

Oh and use exactly what you’re saying as the reason.