Early news CCPV Relief

Honestly if Trump wants to exhaust his trillion dollar business slush fund to give things to the people instead, oh I’m just gonna be so sad and cry so hard. I’m sure liberals will be too. Please own the libs.

Then you want to act like the evil liberals?

Not really sure just yet where we’re headed. He was apparently going to give both sides an opportunity to finally come to an agreement but the WH is strongly indicating if congress cannot get their stuff together he will use the authority and money already allocated for emergency relieve.

There was if I remember right something like 2.3 trillion in discretionary funds to be used if needed at the discretion of the POTUS and TS.

My day just ended so I’m playing catchup now.

Somehow I seriously doubt it.

This isn’t abuse in any way, congress already allocated the money to be used at the discretion of the WH and TS.

Nobody said it would necessarily happen on Friday.

That would require a Constitutional Amendment. Congress cannot dictate to the POTUS. They could try but it would instantly be challenged in court. The POTUS has specific authority to direct the operations of the Executive branch, that includes EO’s as long as they don’t overstep on the authority of Congress or the Courts.