Early morning tweet fools the never Trumpers

Trump sent out an early morning tweet wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving. Looking around the internet, a bunch were fooled and said Trump was tweeting and golfing in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday.



Nope, snuck onto airforce one and went and helped serve a holiday dinner to US military members in Afghanistan.

Planning for the trip began weeks ahead of time, but only a very tight circle of White House officials were aware. And the White House went to new lengths to avoid arousing suspicion.

About damn time no one leaked any information.

On Thursday morning, the @realDonaldTrump account posted an unremarkable tweet wishing Americans a happy Thanksgiving. That tweet and several other retweets late Wednesday and early Thursday had in fact been scheduled ahead of time to avoid arousing suspicions around a President who rarely goes a dozen hours without taking to social media.

Way to fool the never Trumpers :smiley:

Trump arrived in time to serve Thanksgiving dinner to about two dozen troops before sitting down to eat with Barrasso and a commander based at Bagram. Playing behind them while they ate: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, beamed live from back in New York.

Gotta love the misdirection that happened.

Of course CNN doesn’t mention that Trump has re-opened talks with the Taliban that were ended a while back.

On a surprise trip to Afghanistan on Thursday, President Trump said that the United States has reopened peace talks with the Taliban - just three months after the president scuttled negotiations between Washington and the Afghan insurgents following a terror attack that killed 11 people, including one U.S. soldier.


Although we all arrive from different perspectives, it is undeniably good the President wasn’t golfing today.



Didn’t this exact same narrative play out last year?

People have to get a new thing to complain about.


It’s like reverse boy who cried golf. Eventually, one of the many times he yells that the President is playing golf, the President is NOT playing golf.

And all the President’s supporters exult in what a not golf playing president he is.

■■■■■■■ weird.


are we really making thread on someone with 5,000 twitter followers.


No we are making a thread on Trump going to visit the troops for the holliday’s and fooling people.

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Could be argued he fooled so many because he golfs so much.

What’s is this he fooled so many anyways? Who here thought about Trump golfing today other than after encountering this thread?


Good for him, and I bet this one woman feel really stupid and now thousands of people are mocking and bullying her online.

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Trump surprise trip to Afghanistan becomes Trump fools the never trumpers!

Also a random attack CNN because boooooooo CNN.


Trump really fooled everyone by being Presidential and visiting the troops.



That’s it, Trump is definitely winning reelection in a landslide now!


General Kyle Griffin!

Kudos to Trump. I didn’t hear if he mentioned the Gallagher issue. If he did, I wonder how it was received?

Good for Trump. It definitely boosts morale of those serving overseas. I’m glad he was able to create a diversion. Surprise visits always have more of a genuine feel to them.

On a different note, I remember when Obama did this and members here were outraged that he did it as a photo op and it was a waste of taxpayers money.


How many ways must we point out work gets done during a round of golf.

Does Trump get triple time for working Thanksgiving?

Will the number cooking add this as vacation and golf cost?


That was never mentioned when Obama played golf.

Why was that?


Just watched President Trump land After 30 hours of work and travel sporting a stylish red MAGA hat.

He looked ready to go another 30 hours.


Does Trump also explain to his caddy the theory of relativity contemporaneously with playing golf.

As I asked in another post are you able to say how long into his presidency did he make his first overseas visit to the troops?