E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit Against Donald Trump


(Worked so well the first time, how many offices did he cause the GOP to loose/not win again?)


Drill baby drill.

You can keep your ICE vehicle if you like it.

All I need.

Fentanyl wall is a plus.

Get out of Uke Orc fight is a winner too.


Will the bull feces lawsuits, allegations, politicians at the highest level claiming they have proof and never provide it, impeachments, FBI fake dossiers that duped FISA Judges, Mueller investigations…now Bragg…seriously people…do you ever think that maybe…just maybe…there’s a corrupt plot to keep Trump out of the WH? Consider all of the powerful entities that are united in this effort? If there is, ask yourself what the motivation is…and if you’re on you’re game…the absolute corruption that’s ruining our country…is staring back at you.

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The case is actually interesting. Multiple witnesses backing up her claim she told them when it happened. No testimony from Trump. Just dispositions. I have an honest to God question for posters here. Hannity often cited Broderick’s claims against Clinton. Why was that latched onto as fact but this is ignored. I did a search on Fox News, and in the past two days they do not reference this trial where a woman is accusing the former president of rape in testimony today. That seems odd.

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You know why.


I started this thread because I thought an event where people were testifying under oath would be at least as interesting as people making up conspiracies out of whole cloth, if not more so.

I am struck at how little interest this has drawn.

Today on cross-examination, Tacopina (Trump’s lawyer) gave a textbook lesson on why women don’t report rapes: questioning Carroll’s actions repeatedly, and drawing repeated rebukes from the judge.

Tacopina honed in on why she did not fight back more, did not scream, called a friend rather than 911 and so on. These are questions that many rape victims torment themselves with afterward: to have them repeatedly and aggressively flung in their face in a public forum… no wonder so many women remain quiet years after approaches to handling rape supposedly were rethought after Susan Brownmiller published “Against Our Will” fifty years ago.

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A search of E Jean Caroll at Fox shows articles from a year ago. Nothing new.

Meanwhile, the top story is that Trump is changing his nickname for Biden to “crooked Joe”

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Trump seems to be more… Trump this time around.

What do you expect. The day Tucker Carlson was fired, Fox gave that event almost no coverage.

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More rapey, sexual assaulty?

Stop stalking me. It’s cringe creepy.

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May be. But his crowds are a lot smaller than in previous years and tend to leave earlier.

I’m responding to posts in a forum. Flag it if I’ve done something wrong but you’re making it personal.


That’s about exactly what I suspect.

I’m thinking, if Donald Trump murdered somebody on main street, people wouldn’t believe it.

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I wonder if Trump is thinking the same thingy about the entire left? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Both sides rested in the Carroll trial yesterday. Carroll’s lawyers presented two additional women who described how Donald Trump had assaulted them. Then Carroll’s team showed vide of Trump’s deposition in which he affirmed that the “Access Hollywood” tape was an accurate description of what goes on. This contrasted strongly with his 2016 position that it was just “locker room talk” – all the more striking because two women had just given sworn testimony that described “Access Hollywood” type assaults.

Joseph Tacopina presented no defense.

Trump, in Scotland said he would come to New York and hinted at taking the stand. The judge said motions to reopen the defense would be entertained until Sunday night.

Does anyone think Trump will take the stand under oath on Monday. I doubt it but I am sure the entertainment value would be extraordinary.

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Yes a perjury trap is set and as such no way President Trump’s lawyers will ever recommend him testifying here or anywhere…

I agree with you that Trump lawyers will do everything they can to keep him off the stand, but since the only person who is suggesting he testify is Donald himself how is this a perjury trap? Do you think he is trying to trap himself?