Dumb idiot pool down one, but, he murdered an innocent person below

Well a 25 year old dumb ■■■■ jumped to his death but also murdered a 61 year old beneath him. The idiot murdered an innocent guy on the street below him.

Reminds me of this bat ■■■■ crazy thread.


“I can shoot at you but if I don’t kill you… no harm no foul”



The “No Harm, No Foul” principle of FREEDOM is one of my favorite things.

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He’s probably not an idiot. Just suffering from clinical depression and not capable of thinking clearly. Prayers to both families.

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You shouldn’t call posters out that haven’t participate in the thread yet.

I did not reference any particular person.

I was thinking about that discussion this morning when I read the story.

Major difference between the two.

I assume you mean that the first person didn’t kill anyone, but that’s not how the law works in this country. Reckless behavior like drunk driving, shooting into a crowd, and jumping off buildings is illegal even if no one gets hurt.

It is how the law works in this country, but I wasn’t referring to the law.

I think people should be free to kill themselves, I’ve never understood why it’s illegal.

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Society feels it’s icky.

Parents of clinically depressed kids would disagree. They are not asking you to understand.

Cruelty of animals where the ■■■■ was PETA?

But the idiot murdered a 61 year old. That is wrong. Just like the lady who took a nose dive with her pooch. That was cruelty to animals.

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That is the problem. What were you trying to do anyway?

The 61year olds family should get the 25 year olds estate if he has anything.

I agree.

Landng on and killing a 61 year old is a ■■■■■■■ foul.

You read that thread and see how wild it is.