Duckworth to block military promotion till WH explain Vindman forced retirement

Tammy isn’t pulling her punches as she comes out on the attack over Vindman forced retirement from the military due to his testimony. Trump and his supporter have been calling for Vidnman blood since his testimony.

  • Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth said she would continue to block over 1,000 senior military promotions until Pentagon leaders explain the “disgraceful situation” that saw key impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman retire from the military Wednesday.

  • Vindman’s lawyer said he decided to retire in response to a White House “campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation” following his testimony in impeachment hearings.

  • “Lt. Col. Vindman’s decision to retire puts the spotlight on Secretary of Defense Mark Esper’s failure to protect a decorated combat veteran against a vindictive Commander in Chief,” Duckworth, who is also a combat veteran, said in a statement Wednesday.


I thought she was blocking until he was promoted.

How was he “forced to retire”??

Did he say something??

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“Suspiciously, the Army’s colonel selection list has been delayed this year, prompting allegations that the Army was holding off on releasing it, knowing that the president would seek to have Vindman removed.”

Not forced…but it was obvious to him, he no longer had any chance of advancement.

she really wants that vp pick

She ruined whatever was left of his career.

But in addition to his military pension, he’ll be a good staffer for Schiff or a new military intelligence “expert” for MSNBC.

We try to not promote accomplices to a coup against the commander in chief.


Duckworth ruined her career how? you think Trump is going to relevant in politics passed 2024.

Or do you mean someone not afraid to do the right thing?

Providing honest testimony regarding events he witnessed now constitutes a coup.

Statements like this do not help your cause.

Lieutenant Colonel Vindman has honorably upheld the highest standards of the military.

Combat Action Badge.
Purple Heart.
Defense Meritorious Service Medals (2 awards)
Meritorious Service Medal.
Ranger Tab.
Other awards and ribbons.

Truly an Outstanding Soldier in the highest traditions of the Army.

But he made ONE mistake.

In his honest testimony he incriminated a Trump associate.

And for that Trump seeks to destroy him professionally.

If Vindman had won the Medal of Honor, it would have made no difference.

Anybody that crosses Trump in the slightest is subject to professional destruction.

If Biden wins, at the very least he should authorize Vindman to be promoted to Colonel in retirement for purposes of retirement pay.


Nothing says coup like trial by a jury composed of a majority of your political party. Nailed it.

One of the first things that President Biden should do is to invite him back into the military and promote him to a full bird coronal.

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the col is in violation or at last appears to be in violation of AR 600-9. If so is ineligible for promotion.
The col has admitted that he had no direct or even 2nd hand knowledge of the subjects on which he testified. But he took it upon himself to go after his Commander in chief anyway.
promotion on that level is by a board of peers and his peers think he is a used female hygeine bag. he will not get promoted and Duckworth should be ashamed of herself but evidently being steeped in the sewer lagoon that is the democratic caucus has removed any honor or integrity she ever had.


Ask Vindman? He was the one who retired and can answer the “why” she wants to know about. The other “why” is why she would block the promotions of innocent officers in this disrespectful way? If they’ve earned it, promote them. Why use them in this disgraceful manner? She really is exposing her very ugly side.


If vindman thought he needed to do “the right thing”, he would have used his chain of command instead of calling some secret political ally that he won’t reveal.

The only time his chain of command might not be the right channel to express his concern is if he has been given an illegal order. Absolutely nothing like that is even alleged.

Any other issue is secondary and is likely politically motivated.

I understand what she is trying to do.

I don’t see how holding up the promotion list will force anything out of the Trump Administration.

All I see is it hurting officers who had nothing to do with the political fight here. I seriously doubt Trump cares if these officers don’t get promoted in any timely fashion, or that a political groundswell will rise up against Trump and force his administration to make any type of political concession.

Maybe someone can explain it to me how this move helps Duckworth in any way get what she wants.

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My question as well.

It’s basically Judas betraying their messiah.

I agree.

She should dig in here and not let one promotion through until Biden wins.


It is a very clever way to shame Trump.

She is thinking two moves ahead of him.

Biden really should pick her for VP.