Dow Down 10 of 11 weeks **** FIRST TIME EVER ****

Every analyst hear on CNBC or Bloomberg discusses what to buy
…they expect
…the market to turn around
…in 3 to 6 months.

Reading between the lines that means call your broker tell him to money your 401k out of stocks and into somenthing else.

Move it back when you start Christmas shopping.

If you hear something different, do that.
I am not an investment professonal.

biden ws dumb ass


Destroy peoples lifesaving’s and then get them laid off in a recession, what could go wrong?


The good news is . . .
Right now the stock market has been very very easy to play.

Just ask your broker about “Inverse ETFs.”
Pick one and put your money in it.
If you did that, instead of being DOWN 20+ % right now you would be UP 20+% right now.

Of course, the trick is to know when to stop doing.

we still blaming blaming putin?

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less fossil fuel use though!

i doubt anything else will hold value let alone grow. not an investment guru either but i’d leave the 401k alone

but on the upside congress is holding hearings on the jan 6 capitol building break in where some DC “cop” murdered a young woman

(that happened a year and a half ago)

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I have foreign e-friends who don’t think of it as selling stock.

They also play FOREX and (when they sell all their stocks) they
are bullish on the US dollar is all. GRIN

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There’s always a tweet. :wink:


No I think this week it’s Trump, climate change, covid, racism, maybe I missed something.

Can’t be stupid ass policy decisions!



sorry i gotta reply with this in view

what utter jokes

Don’t forget oil companies. They have supposedly been reluctant to make long term investments and just because Brandon is saying he is going to shut them down.

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Oh yeah…forgot that.

Investors in bitcoin and other crypto “currency”
have become very very bullish on the US dollar!!

On top of that flood the country with the worlds unemployable labor! :exploding_head:

Brandon said he was going to shut down drilling on public lands and off shore. Plus Fracking.

Plus even if they get a drilling lease it is hard to get a permit to go with it.

Brandon is screwing the country all the while denying he is doing so.

It’s very difficult to feel optimistic:

What happened to the promised utopia after the Left got absolute power?

Apparently bitcoin investors have recently turned very very bullish on US currency this weekend.

saying next year is being optimistic. the Atlanta fed is now forecasting on the gdpnow model 0.0% 2nd quarter growth. its estimates are usually high.