DOW 27,000 🇺🇸 - America on the verge of a new roaring twenties under Trump's stewardship

But the Dow is?
What else is accurate? Trump? Your feelings?

GDP is the defining figure of an economy. That’s like saying a measuring stick isn’t accurate. It is what it says it is.

Its a peddled narrative.

Notice that its American flags and cheering when Dow hits 27K, but post that the GDP for a quarter is abysmal, and suddenly, GDP is not accurate.

I’m having a little trouble with my history here, what happened at the end of the Roaring Twenties? It was a Great Something but I can’t remember what.

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A Great Success.

Also keep in mind that the economy is so super fantastic that in no way can it handle these super duper crazy high interest rates of 2.5%


You know, it was a depression, but they call it “great”, so it sounds bad but it was really great. a lot of people were around back then and they all called it great.

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It didn’t. Ever. Except for Trump.

Let me pee on the parade.

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Since January 26, 2018, the Dow is up 1.7%. Forgive me if 1.7% growth over almost 18 months doesn’t make me jump for joy. Especially since that occurred with full unemployment, high deficit spending and low interest rates. If unemployment rises, a recession hits, and there is no way to lower interest rates…we’re screwed.


Yes, it’s a nice parade but, I need to go…

it didn’t what ?

This cannot be repeated enough for a thread like this. And that 1.7% growth is after the massive deficit exploding tax cuts.

This country is screwed.


I have a bad feeling about this news.

Anyone who cheers the return to the roaring 20s is probably very ignorant of what happened right after.


Yeah, I definitely want to jump off the float before it crashes.

Context is important. During the “Great Recession” the Fed was able to stem some of the damage by cutting rates from 5.25% to 0.25%. The current rate is 2.5%. If that is cut further, there will be little the Fed can do to help.

They will most likely make rates go negative in the next recession saying, “There’s nothing else we can do!” or some stupid ■■■■ like that.

Papering over the fact that their ideas were stupid.

Sure. Then deflation hits and we’re super screwed.

this wouldn’t have happened

The record high.