DOW 27,000 🇺🇸 - America on the verge of a new roaring twenties under Trump's stewardship

Big and very good news on the economy.

The Dow has hit 27,000 for the first time ever. The economic records continue under Trump. Jobs, jobs, jobs! Unemployment is at record lows, particularly for ethnic minorities. This is true prosperity for all. As this decade reaches its end, it seems President Trump is steering America into a new roaring twenties.


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Very happy the market is doing well but are you saying this wouldn’t have happened had it not been for Trump ?

Some historical perspective:

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I have no money in the market, so I dont really care.

Robust market affects everyone even if you don’t have your own money invested.


History will repeat itself. Guess what else happened during the roaring twenties?


The best times of my life have been when the market is not doing well. Well, let me be more specific. When the market wasn’t doing so well, prices were lower on other goods.

If you don’t have money in the market. A higher market value can negatively affect you because their money dilutes the value of your money.

Things are going well, though…

I miss the higher annualized returns prior to Trump.
I miss the faster median weekly real earnings growth prior to Trump.
I miss the greater number of jobs created prior to Trump.
I miss the higher GDP growth achieved prior to Trump.

I wonder if another GOP president is going to hand off a recession to a Democratic successor? :thinking:

October 29, 1929

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If you’re using the stock market as your chief indicator of the overall health of the economy, you’re just asking yourself to be disappointed.

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Ouch, 2Q GDP estimated to be at 1.4%.

Wow, that’s Obama-like, right?

Wait, wait. There must be a wrong decimal point placement. Maybe its 14%, has to be. Trump promised 6% GDP. We’re only off by a lot.

But, hey, keep cheering the Dow.


GDP is not an accurate figure.

That’s right- only figures that make Trump look good are accurate.

That’s why we don’t hear about the “Real Unemployment Rate” or the “Labor Participation Rate” anymore.


Do we no longer care about the deficits since there is no more TeaParty?

Yeah I remember following the 2008 crash, everything was super cheap. It was fun for me too, I got great deals on vacation packages, goods, and other stuff. Plus gas was cheap. But we also had extremely high unemployment and recession, so there’s that.

Don’t really care about the Dow. My small and mid caps are taking a beating as of late.

Just imagine, if we’d all have invested all our money in Microsoft ten years ago when they were going for $16/share…

But equities trading that have loose relationships to the long-term financial health of a company is totes an accurate measure of the health of the economy. More so than the…growth of the economy.

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And all it took was trillion dollars deficits.


Yeah, that would have been something.

Yep, since Trump, annualized return of Russell 2000 is just under 6% =/