DOW 27,000 🇺🇸 - America on the verge of a new roaring twenties under Trump's stewardship

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: this is pathetic.

What ever happened to YOLO?

That thing everyone said before they did something incredibly stupid?

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Hahahaha ! :laughing:

You realize record highs happened just about under every president ? Look at the chart again.

In particular, under Obama we had a really good run, up 148.3 % after his presidency.

Trump is no slouch so far with 35.2 % considering Obama inherited a crashed market.

And don’t come at me with predictable “Well, we never had 27k before” because you know the next president will likely set a record and the one after him and so on , etc

2Q GDP has been estimated between 1.5 and 2%

thats not robust.


The millennial life philosophy.

In the immortal words of the prophet Meghan Trainor: “No, we’re not promised tomorrow”

You guys are trying to create Utopia in this world. Not going to happen.

This record high only happened under Trump.

So doom is not impending? Good, I hope the next one doubles Trump.

It’s better than a negative.

show me a link to any legit economist who actually thinks this.

GDP is a very accurate indicator of the economy.


the slow growth of the economy right now is better than a recession, I will give you that. :slight_smile:


It is always better.

After this post, BA disappeared.

They’re just trying to stop the Baby Boomers from destroying the world. That’s all.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: we built it, we can burn it down if we want. YOLO!

Your parents built it.

No, they laid the foundation. I built it.

Hello QE Infinity

You must be one of the few Baby Boomers who is worth their salt. Most baby boomers I have found to be parasites living off of others or borrowing money to hid their idiocy.

Well, now you know two, I live off no one, owe no money and have a sizeable chunk of money I live off of.

Where are you finding them?

You hard working bastard :smiley: