Don't throw away your economic stimulus card

In politics because the Dems are doing this and perhaps not as well thought out as it should have been. I’m sure people will want to discuss. ; )

Just saw on Facebook people are already starting to get Economic Stimulus Debit Cards. But many people are throwing them away because they think they are scams.

Hope it’s okay to quote a FB post:

It looks the type of card you get that has no value by mass marketers and you have to look in the upper right hand corner of the letter to see the “Department of the Treasury” seal. It’s in very light grey and not hard to see.

Apparently you can withdraw all the money from the card at an ATM if you don’t want to mess with using the card…

Speculation is they sent it out as a debit card because they want people to spend it rather than bank it…I guess that’s why it’s called a “stimulus” card.

And here’s an article from Forbes. The cards are being sent out in plain white envelopes - that’s why they’re being thrown away.

I helped an older relative create an account on the website and transfer the funds to his bank account. Took 5 minutes.

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This is a real Catch-22. If they send it out in the plain envelope people think it’s a scam and toss it. But if they send it out with IRS Stimulus Card right in plain sight they run the risk of them being stolen.

And I admit I’m confused. When I first saw this I thought it was a new round of stimulus money, because I knew they were talking about it and the first round had already been sent at least a month ago.

But on further reading it seems like this is just the IRS sending out debit cards to people who didn’t have their tax info on file to receive the checks that everyone else got a month ago.

So is it the same money, or is it the new money?

I guess since my parents haven’t received such an envelope but already got their $2400 in their checking account a month or so ago, it’s probably old money…

Is this in addition to the prior stimulus or are these debit cards going out to people who didn’t show to have a bank account or have one filed with the IRS?

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Your a little late to the party

No one cared a week and a half ago.

Guess so!

What can I say, I"m behind on my Facebook posts…

My bad - I think these are the prior ones.

I had assumed they were new - but further research (which I should have done prior to posting, I admit) showed otherwise.

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We’re all a little quick on the trigger occasionally.

True…but I think this is the third time in the last year or so I’ve posted first and researched after! Well, now hopefully I’ve learned that lesson permanently!