Donna brizle... Disgusting!

It is Disgusting!!! that Fox hired Donna Brazil and I will turn off every show that she is on including Sean hannity.
Please, tell Fox they’re headed down the wrong road to keep their viewership.
Thank you.


And they put LibbPaul Lyin Ryan on the Board of Directors!!!

Fake thread.

Yes, disgusting they should offer a variety of viewpoints. Fox must be changing it’s format. :wink:

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Wasn’t Donna Brazile one of Hillary’s BFFs?

Actually, I kind of like her… Does not bother me. Now, Paul Ryan will get my flick.

I completely agree. It is time to abandon Fox News and move on. Enough is enough. They fire O’Reilly and Judge Jeanine, then hire Paul Ryan to sit on the board of directors and have sway over content, and one of the first moves is to hire Donna Brazile? Now that Rupert has turned over control to Lachlan, it is clear they just want to be like every other liberal outlet. #walkaway

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Of course you do. If she get on there tow the company line, then I know you’re all in.
However, I hope she’s there to give a opposite view point.

She said she thinks fox viewers don’t know what dems stand for… Which is silly. We are way more informed than the left.

Informed??? No…you’re not. Sorry.

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Some Dems just make stuff up to believe, some believe their own lies like Smollett…

Make things up, Cratic? Now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? You project so well. Good job!

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She was on Hannity last night.

They each had about 10 minutes of talking to do but apparently only 10 minutes to share so they both talked over each other. So informative.

So are you saying they both had 10 minutes to give their view point?

What? You know Fox News just jumped the shark when this happened. :joy:

I’m saying they each used the same 10 minutes to give their viewpoint. It seemed they were talking over each other more than to each other.

Oh ok…gotcha.

They’re trying to revive “Fair & Balanced” to it’s original glory. When more than just Trump supporters believed it.

Brazile is going to be the new Colmes.

She could be, if she can be ‘Colmes’ from long distance.

I’m sure it was just a logistics thing but last night she wasn’t in the studio with Sean, she was ‘piped in’ from somewhere else.