Donna brizle... Disgusting!

Here she is…

What are dems going to do? She’s on fox. Can you believe her?

The question should be: What are trump supporters going to do? She’s on fox. Can you believe her?


That’s Miss informed. Maybe Ms. informed.

Did you notice the left fell for Smollet’s lies and the right didn’t…

No, we are moreright…

We know. Just not morecorrect.

If she’s just going to say, I can’t answer that in under 2 minutes, she’ll won’t be on many people shows.

Well that is one big joke of a response and a stupid one at that.

Wait. Weren’t you just complaining that you hadn’t heard about the latest Yellow Vest protests because fox hadn’t covered them? And the rest of us already knew about the protests?

So good for chuckles.

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you’ll still watch. tonight and every night.


Who’s Donna Brazil?

Does anyone else laugh when they see the title of this thread on the front page?


Who is Donna brizle?

She’s not Donna Brazil either.

Donna brizle?

I think I ordered that at a Greek restaurant last week.

It wasn’t Disgusting!

for shizzle

How many on the Left?

This is one of those run-by postings, huh?

I didn’t.

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