Donald Trump's re-election campaign has been paying... Donald Trump

Trump used the site as his 2016 campaign headquarters, and his 2020 reelection team is still located at the building, which has given its revenue a boost. The campaign committee has spent more than $890,000 over the last two years to rent space in the tower, according to Federal Election Commission records.

The con-artist-in-chief is taking people who donated to his campaign for a ride… which makes it that much more entertaining! MAGA!

This might not be illegal but it certainly is unethical. But we know ethics are not a consideration for Trump supporters.

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Well there you go. Trump is the only politician who has ever done anything unethical in the history of this country. You heard it here first folks, even though the OP article has nothing to do with that.

They deserve it…the deserve being taken for a ride and conned…

Every single one of them

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Conman Don loves his uneducated. Send money!!!

For ■■■■■ sake stop putting words in my mouth. We all know many politicians and previous presidents acted unethically but Trump is president right now and he has to be the most blatantly unethical president ever.

But its all good as long as he technically doesn’t break the law Trump supporters do not care. I can only surmise that many Trump supporters have no moral or ethical backbone.

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Usually when people discover the unethical stuff they stop supporting them instead of doubling down.


If that was true Trump wouldn’t have any supporters since there have been a wealth of unethical individuals in his administration. Supporters are ignoring all of them.

If that were really the case, then all politicians would have zero votes. But we really know this is only about Trump. :roll_eyes:

So I pretty much called it. Trump is the ultimate unethical politician. All others pale by comparison. So everyone is free to continue supporting their unethical politicians. Only Trump supporters need abandon theirs.

:rofl: :rofl:

“But Mom, Timmy did it first!”

I thought Trump was supposed to be different, "drain the swamp"and all that goodness. But instead of saying it’s wrong and he shouldn’t do that, you seem to support it lol. It’s amusing how he’s still conning people out of their money. MAGA!

Some Trumpers are starting to realize they got played…but like any two-bit pyramid scheme operation there are plenty of suckers

When the sugar high of owning the “libs” wears off they are going to have one hell of a hangover as they start their walk of shame…


Nothing to see here folks. Trump is the most ethical president ever. Carry on.

this does not seem like the behavior of someone that is an actual billionare…

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Actually it is pretty much assumed that most politicians are corrupt and unethical. That’s pretty much the way it is in the cesspool known as Washington.

What’s unique isn’t that Trump supporters are justifying the behavior by pointing out Washington corruption, what’s unique is that Trump haters are singling Trump out as some kind of anomaly and demanding that his followers abandon him.

But of course we both know that simply isn’t going to happen. :wink:

Yep! Those Trump deplorables.

Please Don’t Stop! :popcorn:

and transparent! so transparent!

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Speaking of a walk of shame………

I’m anxiously awaiting DEM reaction when Trump handily wins reelection in 2020. Will we see even more heads exploding? Will they once again double down on their collusion delusion? :popcorn: