Donald Trump's peace plan fails to boost Likud ahead of elections – poll

OOPS!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I guess the Israeli public isn’t as ******* stupid as Netanyahu and Trump think they are. :rofl:

Likud remains 3 seats behind Blue and White in polling, with Blue and White at 35 and Likud at 32.

53% of respondents feel that Netanyahu’s indictments disqualifies him from being Prime Minister.


And Trump’s plans always work so well.

Not always, Just most of the time. His plan to name excellent supreme court justices worked out well. His plan to wipe out ISIS and kill terrorist leadership seems to be going swimmingly. Tax cuts? Yep. Eliminating two federal regs for every new one passed. Worked out pretty good. Would you like some more?

Apparently, voters in Israel are more sophisticated than many voters in the US.


List those regs.

That wasnt him…

He got judges through a republican senate? Amazing. Did they change the rules to do that? Great deal maker. Did his anti ISIL campaign start with east Mosul already taken and SDF(created under Obama) five kilometers from Raqqa? And simply out of curiosity, why did Trump wait for two years to take out Hajin(Syria)?

Is that an order? :laughing: You know that google is available to you right?

You mean like the regulation that pmade mining and franking to provide funding to clean up water contamination

Steering back to the subject at hand.

This “plan” was nothing more than the pile coming out from behind a cow. A desperate ploy by a desperate man who is flailing about in a desperate attempt to hold on to power.

The only people who support this “plan” are Netanyahu’s hard core political supporters and their allies in the United States in the Evangelical community.

The Palestinians obviously panned it. The remaining international community panned it.

All this “plan” was ever about was distracting the Israeli public from Netanyahu’s legal woes and drumming up political support for Netanyahu’s party and allies.

And it failed epically on both counts.

Moreover, Netanyahu is in no political position to be offering such a plan. He is merely Prime Minister in a care taking role. His only mandate is to see that the Israeli government runs from day to day. He holds no parliamentary mandate to wield broader power. He has failed after two elections to form a government. And it looks like the third fail will be a true strike out for him. Virtually zero chance that he will gain a parliamentary majority to form a government and with him surrendering immunity voluntarily (to avoid the humiliation of being stripped of immunity when the next Knesset convenes), he will likely be well on the way to trial during the months of parliamentary negotiation in the next Knesset.

Netanyahu might be wise to accept a deal that would spare him prison in exchange for his immediate and permanent retirement from politics and public life.

Have they voted already? Or are you relying on private polling claims and projections?

Or he could fight the media and win, like Trump has. Trump has untoothed threats of bad press and bad optics. People are realising the media are not neutral, and are willing to lie to progress their agendas.

unlike Trump he was indited on real charges by the government, the Media has nothing to do with.

He sealed his fate when he was indited and confirmed his guilty when he tried to pass a law giving himself immunity to said crimes.

He’s been criminally indicted.

All a lie!

It is not the media that brought a criminal indictment against Netanyahu.

And numerous media outlets in Israel are rabidly in support of Netanyahu and Likud.

after he was indicted he tried to pass a bill giving himself immunity.
so he is clearly innocent.

What an interesting comment. I have read posts on this forum, not necessarily from you specifically, that have said that Trump has been vindicated, found not guilty. Did the Senate vote on Trump’s impeachment?

Trump acolytes complaining about lies is very strange given the propensity of Trump to lie.