Donald Trump knew about Clinton emails before WikiLeaks dumped them, says

Omarosa’s been piling on the accusations, and this is a huge one: That Trump knew about Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails before they were announced to the public. She revealed this to Katy Tur on MSNBC today. Tur asked her if there was a back channel. Omarosa wouldn’t answer, but said she promised to reveal more corruption in the Trump admin. Her interview with Tur is in the bottom link.

Do you mean podesta emails??

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The lame stream media and a lot of our posters are even more lame and far out there than the National Inquirer!

The National Enquirer was Donald Trump’s personal campaign newsletter, you know.

Just ironic you pulled that name out of a hat is all.


And apparently still is his personal newsletter from what I see at the market.

There will be another tape tomorrow morning I bet

National Enquirer? That’s the one that runs the “trap and kill” operation to pay off Trump’s various mistresses and potential baby-mamas before deep-sixing their stories. Awesome that you’re using them as an example.

Omerosa is just feeding the extreme left what they have been making up for the last two years. That’s how you sell a book.


This is proof that Manigault is lying.

NO Hillary Clinton emails were ever released to the public, except under testimony from James Comey to the Congress. Only DNC and John Podesta emails were released.

She’s a moron and just exposed herself because she didn’t know that. But Newsweek and MSNBC SHOULD know that, so they are complicit in her lies. Fake News proven once again.


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And to think, you God-emperor could have avoided this ENTIRE mess by not hiring Omarosa… by the way, can you tell me what were her qualifications for her taxpayer-funded position, other than her flattery of Trump?

If you go back multiple sources referred to the Wikileaks email dump as “The Clinton emails”.

And it doesn’t really matter what she says in public. According to her she has discussed this with the Mueller folks. Film at eleven.

She meant the Clinton campaign, not Clinton personally. You guys can trumpsplain anything away but you have a problem with this?

And if she had anything relevant to the investigation she would be under orders to keep her yap shut about it.

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Someone seems nervous. She obviously was referring to the Wikileaks email dumps that were designed to damage the CLINTON campaign against Trump. Good gravy Marky. :rofl:


Say what? Under orders from who? Who has the authority to shut down someone’s 1A rights? Is this another knee-jerk attempt to defend Trump again?

So what if Trump knew from WIKILEAKS about them about to release Podesta’s e-mails.

Where has Wikileaks and Assange been convicted of having direct ties to Putin.
Again Assange says the Podesta E-mails didn’t come from Russia.

In an interview with Sean Hannity he was asked: “So in other words, let me be clear…Russia did not give you the Podesta documents or anything from the DNC?”

The Australian founder of the whistleblowing website, who has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for over four years, responded: “That’s correct.”


Why are you so on board to Defend this woman who is obviously feeding the Main Stream News with Rumors and Crap. These days people can say what ever they want with no actual proof to back up anything.
If she comes out with actual Proof recordings of any of these that would be a different story.
So she is using her 1A but seriously this woman was a mess on The Apprentice and on BIG Brother she enjoyed being the Drama Queen in the shows staring up crap.
Was stupid for Trump to give her a position. But I bet she did beg him for a job in the whitehouse and like an idiot he gave it to her.

It is very likely that Assange is lying.

Yeah, but clearly she has a screw loose and some books to sell.

Doesn’t mean her recordings are ■■■■■■■■ though.

Certainly very interesting development here.

Right, but she has proof. She has tapes.

Believe me, I think she is wacky and generally awful, but her tapes are actually real things.