Donald Trump counter punches dead 7 year old girl and her family

Because that is what we have to call it now when the man tens of millions of conservative Americans refuse to accept is an uncouth, ill informed, lazy con man decides to lie about people with far less power than him, right?

Many have heard about the death of 7 year old Jakelin Caal Maquin while in the custody of Border Patrol officials back in December. Donald Trump and his cronies have repeatedly made an attempt to blame her father for young Jakelin’s death, insinuating he denied her water and she died of dehydration. He repeated that attack…Oh, I’m sorry… “counter punch” on Friday.

I think that it’s been very well stated that we’ve done a fantastic job. … The father gave the child no water for a long period of time – he actually admitted blame.

Except that isn’t what actually happened. An autopsy performed on the girl found no evidence whatsoever that she was denied water and instead found signs of a rapidly progressing bacterial infection which causes multiple organ failure. The accounts by Customs and Border Protection also gives absolutely no indication that Jakelin was in poor health when apprehended or that she seemed dehydrated.

So, why the need to lie about this girl or her grieving father? Why “punch” for the sake of punching when you could simply state that the death was a tragedy, that you feel for Jakelin’s loved ones, and that you will do whatever you can to prevent a similar instance from occurring again? Why blatantly lie when all of the facts clearly show it is a lie?

Because the ugliness and cruelty are the point. They have their own audience.

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Trump basher!

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You took what Trump said seriously? He was just joking. You libs have no sense of humor!


The sheer desperation is only outweighed by the hatred and ridiculousness at this point.


We understand. Any criticism of Trump is hatred and ridiculous.

Long live Trump!


I would agree. It is incredibly hateful and ridiculous to lie about a father being involved in somehow killing his own daughter by denying her water or stating she showed signs of being ill when apprehended by the border patrol.

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Where does he get his information?

There were several news reports stating as much until the father decided to ask people to stop saying as much.

Now, what could possibly be the agenda behind blaming ICE or Border Patrol??

I wonder?

From Fox and Friends and Hannity mostly it seems.

I love this meme.

The Border officials themselves have stated the girl showed no signs of dehydration or illness when they apprehended her. Her autopsy again shows no signs that she died from dehydration, but instead showed that rapidly progressing bacterial infection.

As far as lying and motive…why would those who performed the autopsy be coordinating lies with border officials that directly contradicts the latter’s initial claims? If anything, it seems as if the initial accounts were premature and pushed as an attempt to deter more immigrants. Trump of course refuses to acknowledge the actual evidence of what transpired because it doesn’t mesh with the story he wants to push of a girl who died crossing the desert because her father denied her water.

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What meme?

When someone with tremendous power routinely goes out of their way to treat those with far less in an inhumane fashion and appears to take pleasure in doing so…what would you call it?

And the beat goes on… A four year old appearing by herself in immigration court…

Absolutely love it.

I call it “government”. But then I’m not superior like you.

It’s not like Trump hasn’t been that way his whole life. Some people just didn’t care.

Diseases are being brought into the country illegally and bringing infections that have not plagued the US in decades and then what do libs do? They attack those that didn’t vaccinate their children from those diseases.

Are you referring to this child’s disease?

You call a President pushing lies about a man killing his 7 year old daughter “government”?

No wonder you people have such a low opinion of it. Maybe try electing some people who don’t think going out of their way to make government as dysfunctional and painful as possible is a goal in and of itself.

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…notice the plurality in my post and then answer your own question.

Yes. All government is CRUEL!

How do you know he’s lying?

Were people who said the Border Patrol killed her lying?

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