Donald Trump. Best President ever?

Think about it. The hate that the man has had to endure is unprecedented in American history. The democrats, the big government republicans, the media, the deep state, etc… Then there are the endless, desperate investigations. Founded on lies and used as an excuse to dig into every aspect of his life. Investigated for the crime of defeating Hillary. The hatred and ridicule that this man has had to deal with would destroy a lesser man. Move troops into Syria and he gets hate. Move troops out of Syria and he gets hate from the exact same people! Trump is a honey badger. He doesn’t care. He has had the most productive first two in history despite the hate and hair on fire hysteria. Extraordinary.


So much wrong.

Republican Media at work.

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LOL, just stop.

Yes. Donald Trump is the best president in American history. Donald Trump has achieved such an achievement that nobody has ever done. Some people are talking about adding him to Mt. Rushmore. I think this is a good idea, but I also think that Donald Trump should also be on our money. It is a shame he can only serve for six more years. It is a good idea to write an executive order that allows Trump to stay in his position forever.


Is that the metric for the greatness of a leader, how hated the leader is?

He’s the 45th best President.

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I have been thinking about long before he came down the Trump Tower stairs to announce, and the answer is still a resounding NO!!!

Could you support that statement with some examples, please?

There has never been a persecuted president like Donald Trump. Democrats went to get him. The media went out to get him. The judicial department went out to get him. It’s not fair. However, Donald J. Trump is a real fighter, and he makes all these bad things indifferent, because he has money. Nobody here has as much money as Trump. That makes him better. So everything will be fine, especially after Mueller is fired.

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And I didn’t even mention entertainment. They have totally gone bat ■■■■ crazy. Look at Jim Carrey, Bobby De Niro and Jimmy Kimmel. So totally consumed with hate and all things Trump, that they have completely spent the paste two years of their lives in misery. Two years of life. Wasted. For What?

No. Hate is the pathetic metric for the hater. It reflects on them. Nothing more.

Trump u.


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Not a chance. Trump’s accomplishments have been debated 1000 times in this forum before. There is no point in doing it again.

Weren’t you just saying in another thread you arent a trump supporter?

OK- you weren’t referencing the economy, were you? Or the millionaire tax cut?


I will agree that he is Honey Badger, though. He don’t give a ■■■■ (about anyone but himself)

Trump rode on Obama’s positive economic trend for about 2 years. Now, we are seeing the Trump economy

Alternate world. Trump is like having Curly of the Three Stooges (bless his soul) as President. One miscue after another. But Curly was at least honest. Not our boy Trumpie.

This must be opposites day.