Donald Trump and the MYTH of the "non violent" protester

At this point, there is no such thing as a non violent protester. Sorry, but people are judged by the company they keep. If you call yourself a “mom” then you strap on a helmet and lock arms to protect a goon squad, then you are not non violent. If you intermingle with people who pummel police with rocks, bricks, steel rods, frozen water bottles, commercial grade fireworks and try to blind them with lasers, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GUILTY. A huge part of the problem. You are siding with hyper violent maniacs and providing them cover. If you stand by and watch your allies try to burn buildings and maim people, you are guilty. Silence is violence.

And what about Trump? He should leave the cop hating cities all together. Tell the country, that he is removing all federal officers from the courthouse because The city, the state, The DNC and the Biden campaign asked him to. Let them own this mess. If they want Biden supporters to burn their city to the ground, then by all means, let them! But don’t whine to the feds to fund the rebuilding. strong text

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Hmm…there was an event…somewhere in Virginia I think…a few years ago…when many conservatives here used the exact opposite logic.



We now concede that you can’t be fine people if you hang around with rioters, looters and arsonists. You win.

Really? There was a two month siege on a federal courthouse where they blinded three officers, beat random people and tried to burn people alive inside a building?

Honestly Jay, it does not surprise me at all that you have chosen to provide cover and defend some of the most violent goons ever. Nice job. :+1:

Next time try commenting on the current situation rather than changing the subject.

What do you think about the current situation?

Hmm…I remember that. And forum libs lumped everyone together.


this is the most violent group of people ever?

I don’t want to go too far with this tangent. It’s already been discussed many times. I would like to focus on the current topic. Don’t let them change the subject. :slightly_smiling_face:

I disagree. The majority are non-violent protesters.


I take huge offense at that characterization.

Of course non-violent exist in america. And I my fellow forumite am a living example.

I peaceably assemble and layout my grievances in a non-violent manner.

Violence is an anathema to me.

Sorry I don’t fit into your nicely constructed bogeyman.

I am a non-violent protestor and an proud native born American citizen.

No quotation marks need apply.




Still do. Different rules.

They should be charged as an accessory if they aid and abet.

I disagree with that. If it is Federal property it belongs to all of us and should be defended.

If there was a sign or a flyer that said

“Let’s protest Police Brutality but Rioting and Looting”

And people STILL showed up and protested with them… then I would agree. They are guilty by association.

HOWEVER, if the large majority of people went there and The protest was advertised as “peaceful” a few people were looting and riot… I wouldn’t blame the 99%.

Nobody can tell me what percentage of each protest is violent? Do we know?


No way.

If you call yourself a “mom” then you strap on a helmet and lock arms to protect a goon squad, then you are not non violent.

People certainly are judged by the company they keep. And they should be.


Do you take offense at people trying to maim and blind police? Would you associate with such animals?

It is very difficult to do violence with your arms locked on both sides.

Not impossible.

That is the very epitome of non-violent protest.


I went to several BLM protests. hundreds of completely peaceful people. Some were followed, after the protests dispersed, with people who wanted to use it as an excuse to break and steal stuff. I don’t know who they were. But I assure you there were fine people on both sides.

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Not exactly. The other incident was covered quite heavily. As it should have been. It sucks that we cannot discuss my topic without using the other one as an excuse.

Not different rules. Both deserve attention. Why are we not allowed to discuss the nut jobs in Portland? It makes no sense. I never provided cover for any right wing thug as the left has done here. Please respect my topic.

When did that event happen?

When the Feds came in and overreached.