Donald J Trump for a House Seat in Florida in 2022?

AOC would be stomping mad. :upside_down_face:

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And that would be a egotistical self centered guy who has no sense about how government works and has no interest in learning.

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That sounds more like Biden.

That is funny. Biden might have a ego but nothing close as compared to Trump. And you can’t say that Biden knows nothing about politics.

Trump as opposite J. Quincy Adams. That tracks.

Funny…His whole life represents everything the Right hates…or used to anyway. As was mentioned earlier…

A Northeast Liberal elite, silver spoon, Ivy leaguer with about as opposite of Christian family values as one can get…Amazing how quick the Right tossed all their values aside…


He should know more about the constitution. All of the lawsuits proves how little he knows about the laws.

Because of course there’s only two choices.

Do you guys never…EVER…tire of false dichotomies?

The desperation on this one is embarrassing, even by Bannon standards.

It wouldn’t be opposite. It would be the same.

Thoughts and prayers.


Bannon still on Guo Wengui’s boat or does he just look like a pirate for fun? Like, try some fruit bro, that scurvy isn’t a good look.


J Q spoke eight languages fluently, was a seasoned diplomat, famously hard-working, disdainful of ostentation, and willing to seek treatment for his depression.

Trump can barely speak his only language, only understands vulgar threats and simple lies, is infamously lazy, plates his toilets in gold, and lacks the minimum self-awareness to know he has deficiencies for which he might take counsel.


sorry kindergarten level analysis…

trump bad cnn rules maddow joy behar behar der der

no offense

OMG Trump and Gaetz and Marjorie Greene stomping around the House of Representatives.
That would be Must See TV!!!

Trumps brain at once believes he’ll be reinstated as president, and that he’ll be elected to congress to become speaker.

Heckuva job, republicans.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So thank you!

You’ll notice I didn’t go to the mods on this post…I’ll leave it up…unlike that post you’re imitating.


the mods are ok with it

so why would you?

glad you see how stupid that looks tho

youre welcome


he brings voice back to the people the asshat democrats (and many Republicans who should be democrats) walk all over for their power.

thats what pissed off the king/queen complex corrupt political establishment and its brainless followers

he will suffer for doing that. theyll never stop dogging him

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Yeah, well get back to me when it is proven that any of those legal actions have merit to the extent that he loses. .